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  1. http://drhauschka.com/ It's quite expensive but natural. I haven't used it, just bringing it to your attention.
  2. i know man. i use to use those chemical filled products but i stopped because it didn't help my skin after the first few weeks. it just dried out my skin and caused more pimples. when i first got acne i thought chemicals were the answer but truth is they aren't. i only wash with water. the only chemicals i use are the ones in my moisturizer. anyone know of a natural moisturizer?
  3. I have used a couple of moisturizers and i was thinking about stopping. I'm not sure that my skin is really liking the chemicals in all those moisturizers, maybe I should switch to a good natural moisturizer? I don't even wash my face with chemicals so maybe I shouldn't even wash my face at all allowing my skin to keep those natural body oils which allows my face to be moisturized naturally? Anyone else kinda afraid of those chemicals and what they do to your skin?
  4. Can you share with us what you've been eating? I just try to avoid high GI foods and it does seem to help my acne. Are you still in your teen years? That might make a difference?
  5. I haven't had a glass of milk for about 6 months and I do kinda miss it. I couldn't resist I had to drink a glass (about 7 oz worth). I purchased the milk from Trader Joe's. I'm also surprised to see how much natural sugar that stuff has...I never noticed that before. That question is, will I regret?
  6. Because your not sure if it's actually helping your acne...?
  7. I'm not going to touch the antibiotics. I think I'm going to purchase CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion and hopefully that should help my redness. On the other note, does anyone know when I should me moisturizing? I thinking at night after I wash my face with water.
  8. Antibiotics are for the people with severe not someone with dry skin like me...? Do you have skin like mine is that why your suggesting antibiotics?
  9. Bro - I use to use CVS products too. I remember running out to the drug store and purchasing acne products right when I got my first breakout. I didn't know what acne was until I saw pimples and whiteheads appear on my face. What did I do? I just did what I was taught to do. I remember seeing those commercials, you know those ProActiv infomercials, that guarantee you'll be clear if you purchase their "magical" products. So I fell into the trap of purchasing Cetaphil, St. Ives Blackhead and Blemi
  10. When I do use a moisturizer I'll use one every other night at the most. This is what I have been using recently. I try to avoid the ones filled with chemicals. I did use a light cleanser but I threw it all out. I really didn't see how those products helped my skin. It just stripped away all the natural oils on my skin. I do not pop anything I let it heal on its own! So should I be moisturizing every night even if it makes my skin feels weird/greasy? I think benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid
  11. I just turned 18 years old and I have had acne for about 1 and 1/2 years now. When I first got acne I rushed to the drug store and purchased a cleanser and facial scrub. I used those products for about 6 months and they didn't help at all. I stopped using products all together and decided to wash with just water. I don't pop any pimples I let them heal on their own. Now the only products I put on my face is shaving cream. I have been doing this for about 6 months now. Please look at the pict
  12. Here is another picture that shows it the scar under direct darkish lighting. Please tell me what you think!!! Don't leave without leaving a reply. Thanks