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  1. yeah I am also on saw palmetto for 4 motnhs now and unfortunately i still experience breakouts,facing one very severe at the moment.And my acne IS in fact hormone-related(had hormoens examined-high DHEA-s,an androgen).I take 1000mg (1g) daily,should I up the dose?Its already a lot.Do you help yourself with something else?I also use BP,AHA-s an topical retinoids.
  2. In my native language we dont commonly use different names on all kinds of pimples(perhaps they have names in medical publications somewhere) so I dont know if my acne classifies as severe or moderate.I do have BIG pimples on my cheek now and I wish to know if this is a serious thing-if they are pastules,nodules or cysts.Maybe you could provide me with pictures with different types of pimples?The descriptions dont really help..
  3. lol it all depends on what you want in life and what do you enjoy.i dont enjoy pure sex that much for longer but I am a girl.I need closeness,support,warmth..if u dont need those,then there is nothing to go for.
  4. there was a vaccine for acne years ago.my father had it somewhere in the 70s.And it was a vaccine specifically designed for his own bacterias (had his puss from the pimple examined) but it did not work and later it was taken off the market because of the low efficiency.The problem with the vaccine is that if your organism does not fight those bacterias by itself (for some reason,perhaps because it does not find them all that dangerous) then an injection with some disarmed bacterias will not chan
  5. How did you acne look like?where was it located the most? Mine seems to be purely hormonal (my foreheas is claer but my jaw line is a mess) so I dont think I will sacrafice eating grains for this...Did you have oily skin? I would be contantly hungry without any grains...
  6. did you have a problem with a very oily skin? I wonder if quitting dairy would do me any good since my skin is so oily it literally drips with oil:)
  7. anybody heard any reviews on this? http://www.clearogen.com/ It says it can reduce the DHT in skin,thats why it is effective for sebum overproduction induced acne.This is definitely my problem and any oral pills( like BC and spironolactone)fighting this matter are out of the question in my case because of the unbearable side-effects (dry eye is the biggest issue)soit would be nice to reduce the oiliness using a topical product.
  8. Wont my organism suffer from taking oral antibiotics for years?It is the only option for me,so it seems.I cant go on hormonal treatment or Accutane because of my dry eye(those medications make dry eye syndrome even worse).I am wondering what can happen to me.And which antibiotic is best for a long-term usage? Recently I got azytromycine but it doesnt work as well as doxycyline and I take it only once a week,maybe thats the reason it doesnt work that well.
  9. and did you two have your hormone levels tested?my androgens are a little high
  10. It is said that milk is the cause of hormonal acne sometimes..Will it really help to quit dairy?And how long should I wait to see results?
  11. Pygei africani cortex extractum is a natural cure for prostate cancer but due to its anti-androgen effect many girls on forums find it a good cure for acne-it minimizes sebum production I have to give it a try...It is purely natural so there are no strings attached,I guess I wonder.. have you heard about it?
  12. So i have been taking Yasmin for 2 weeks and the dry eye really worsened,so much that I cant wear lenses anymore.I will need to give it up but maybe there is something else I could try for acne? I am not sure if this is ethinyl estradiol (oestrogen component) that causes the dry eye or the anti-androgen --> drospirenone in the pill that messes up my eyes.
  13. which retinoid would u recommend most and how often should I apply it?
  14. does retin A really inhibit sebum production? I would advise using mandelic acid instead of glycolic.glycolic acid does not work as good.