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  1. KPBrutal
    So I have decided that Proactiv does not only suck but RUINS your skin. I now have slight scars and dark spots from this horrible product. I feel that many would agree with me. I wish the TV commercials and the famous people who probably have had perfect skin their whole life would not sell these bullshit "life changing" products for money. If proactiv has helped you than just ignore my statement but the more I read and look into it, their are more negitive results. Anyways my new experiment is an acne line called Blemish Buster Kit for a doctor named Peter Thomas Roth. It was recommended from a friend of mine who has phenomenal skin and Is also a beauty consultant at the beauty store called Sephora (If you haven't heard of this store go to their website right now! Its beauty heaven!) also before I bought this acne kit I looked at the review and it has nothing but positive feedback, so hey why not take a chance. It's day 4 and WOW have I seen such a difference! My redness has decreased, my huge acne breakout Is so much better now. It feels amazing to even have my acne slightly better. Im not getting my hopes up just yet though. I also use twice a week this all natural charcoal mask called "Clear Improvements" by a company named Origins that is specifically made to act like a magnet and draw out deep imperfections (Highly recommend, instantly you can feel it working). Once I put this mask on I felt so confident because its dark and covers up all of your skin so you slightly get an illusion of that you would look like without acne. Its also really easy to get off. It's so sad that some of us hide under a mask and can't live confidently in our own skin. To everyone that hides like me for the most part, we will one day win this war. God Bless.

    xoxo Kayleigh
  2. KPBrutal
    My Skin is getting worse, Its never been this bad before. I just dont get it! Seriously suffering from lack of confidence now. I dont even want to go out and see friends because Im too ashamed. Im praying that this Is just the process that my skin needs to get worse before it gets better. The worse part is in about a month my boyfriend wants to fly me down to see him and last time he saw me I had perfect skin. Why do we go through this? Desperatly need some advice here. Im almost condsidering going professional here and having lazer treaments done but the cost is so high. Around $3,000......How much would you pay for perfect skin???!!!!!!! Im going to post a picture of how Iooked with perfect skin. The difference is incredible, I look like a whole new person. To all who even read these posts and suffer with what Im going through God Bless because this is a terrible war.

    ~Kayleigh. xoxo
  3. KPBrutal
    Week 2 with a healthy approach. I did cheat a few times and had some ice cream but I believe it might be more than just dairy thats breaking me out. Im going to drink more green tea, more water, more fruit and more exercise praying this will help. My acne has gone down a little so far, this process is going by very very slow. We all find ourselves impatient with Acne especially some of us with insecure issues like myself. Im going to continue using proactiv with the added moisturizer from Paulas choice. If you havent heard of her and her products I HIGHLY reccommend!(www.paulaschoice.com) Her moisturizers are thick and have saved my skin from dry flakyness. I will NEVER use another moisturizer again. To all who is fighting acne, I wish you rhe best. Sometimes this skin disease can get the best of us. Keep your head up and smile because soon we all will have beautiful skin.
  4. KPBrutal
    Week one of the first Journey. I've decided to use ProActiv and change my diet. With my diet Im going to avoid milk because I believe I have hormonal acne and eat more fruits and vegtables and drink nothing but water and alot of it. Wish me luck! Im hoping my confidence will come back soon.