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  1. Works wonders!

    I've had icepick scarring for years after a bad breakout, and this has helped reduce the depth and size after a few treatments! I use this every other day and I've been using it for about three weeks. The difference is incredible-- you can't even tell I have scars when I wear foundation, and my skin is much more smooth and overall has a better tone. This has become a staple product to my routine and I'm so glad I found it.
  2. A cheap gentle exfoliating treatment

    Affordable Lasts a long time I use this once or twice a week in the mornings to exfoliate. Using BP every day causes flaky skin, and this is much, much gentler than other scrubs I've made or bought (sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, apricot scrubs are all too harsh for acne skin). The key is to be very gentle and mix the baking soda in to a watery paste and rub it around on your face for ~1min and rinse. I haven't used it to clear acne, but in combination with my current regimen (desert es
  3. A skincare staple for acne

    Clears acne Affordable Big bottle Flaky skin I love Dan's BP treatment. I had been using the Clinique 2.5% moisturizer because I had trouble finding a BP treatment-- and this is the answer. It's cheaper than many other BP products around, doesn't over dry or irritate your skin, and lasts for quite some time! I only use this once a day before I go to sleep with the acne.org moisturizer (I use Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean face wash to take off my makeup/as a cleanser, so I never end
  4. You know what was causing my acne? Milk. Not all dairy, just milk. 100% clear on a milk-free diet when I am not stressed. Success.

  5. Laverna

    Progress log...

    Keeping track of clearing my hyperpigmentation.
  6. Terrible breakout from drinking whole milk. Going to overhaul my diet.

  7. I have the same issue WillDoAnything. What I've found that works best for me is being gentle with my skin and maintaining the same anti-acne routine. I tried tumeric once, and it stains your skin. My entire face was yellow. It stained my nails yellow. The sink, everything. I had to scrub and scrub and scrub to get it off. The scurbbing made my skin very irritated and red-- something that makes my marks stand out more. It was a bad experience. I make a mask using plain yogurt, honey,
  8. Plain yogurt. It works really well for evening out my entire complexion. Yay, lactic acid.
  9. Laverna

    -Doesn't break me out -Looks good on me -Natural looking coverage, but covers marks well enough (especially if you use concealer before) -You have to know exactly how to apply it or it causes tide lines/doesnt blend well -Expensive, not found in drug stores -Rubs off somewhat easily I have very fair skin. The Alabaster color is the lightest they have, and it although it isn't an EXACT match like Fit Me is-- it gives my skin color and life, and when I use a foundation brush (I
  10. I tried the porcelina hydronique cream, it did lighten red marks... but for every mark faded, gave me 2 pimples in its place, which resulted in more red marks. Hydronique also has more severe health issues associated with use, than say, apple cider vinegar or peels.
  11. It's worth noting that if you exfoliate your skin a lot, some form of sun protection is needed, because of the new layers of skin being exposed. The sun also darkens some peoples red marks, making them last longer.
  12. Some people have reactions to Jojoba oil, the oil "purges" all of the gunk from under their skin and makes it surface, which results in bad breakouts. From what I've read about it, it's only if you use quite a bit of it. A drop or two in moisturizer shouldn't result in purging.
  13. Laverna

    Relaxing? Didn't help acne. Drying-- but ineffective, not as good as SA or BP. Broke out more. Wouldn't recommend-- it's pricey, doesn't do its job.
  14. I used bio-oil once on my face because it said it would help with scars and uneven skin tone... and it made me break out. I got pimples in places where I never had them before, and a few cysts on my chin. That's just my reaction with it, however. I think my mistake was that I jumped right in to it and applied it all over my face. It works great on other scars, however. I've had success with it for scrapes on my knees and stretch marks. So, I think as long as you apply it slowly and test it out
  15. If Roaccutane works like accutane does, then yes, all of your marks will heal slower. The healing time for PIH varies person to person... What your regimen is and your skin type play a factor to how fast they heal.