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  1. I think I have hyperpigmentation... so I'll give this a try Can it be used with baking soda? I've also read here a lot about it and it sounds wonderful! Thank you!
  2. Hi! My dermatologist just told to use Retin A.. but Im not sure if I want it. I think I only have hyperpigmentation and I never had a lot of acne... I`ve heard that the Retin A can cause breakouts :/ would you recomend it?
  3. Hello!! Im trying to ged rid of some after pimple red/dark marks that i have... I've been using a topic antibiotic to stop the acne and now its time to start *fading* the marks. My dermatologist gave me two options for this... Retin A or Microdermabrasion. I've been reading reviews EVERYWHERE about both these treatments and I have no idea what to do From what I've read the Retin A could produce a breakout (which I certainly DONT want for my acne wasnt so terrible.. its (was?) very light.