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  1. "You say you had dermabrasion done, would you recommend dermabrasion to me? Most people who had dermabrasion done don't seem to be satisfied with the results. There are so many bad reviews about it." My initial impression would be yes a lot if it works the same way as me. It weirdly took almost 12 months to fully fade the redness on my cheeks, which was called "very long". I have a feeling he went quite deep with it due to my scarring. The first 4-5 months red, another 5 months pink, 2 months
  2. All I can say about dermabrasion is it helped me a ton and I can't readily see any major negatives but who really knows whats going on anatomically. Perhaps it did cause a more prone sensitivity or discoloring at times or that breaking down more easily no idea. Certainly when I took a microneedler to it, it reversed 15% which makes me think it was thin healing or a bunch of things going on that I still can't figure out. I suppose logically that makes sense that if you microneedle it would break
  3. Oddly enough, I felt Dermabrasion worked the best. I got it around 2001 or 2002 I forget (when lasers weren't even being talked about). I was literally a teen so I guess I also healed well. Now, they talk about Dermabrasion like it's an ancient thing that does damage versus these "miracle" lasers. Dermabrasion literally helped me 75-85% I'd say, but even though everything was super shallow and almost invisible a good deal of the time, I noticed that over time (which I later termed 'decay') my
  4. I tend to concur that I might just try to use concealer or something while it heals/fades. Truth be told it doesn't look that bad. I mean duh it's noticeable but not in a awful way. I truly hate my numerous small icepick/boxcar scars more than anything, but I too deal with them and just try my best overall. Try to use some things that help healing, be it vitamins or moisturizer or whatever. Eat extremely healthy if you can like fruits/vegetable and healthy proteins to maybe aid regeneration/f
  5. Raster, that's basically my conclusion. I have the literal exact same scars as her, same size and place on cheek and everything. Microneedling gave me the worst results but It could be because of my skin or history prior. In hindsight, maybe people who get dermabrasion have such thin healing that needling effects it somehow. That's my only guess. I have read a ton of hit or miss with lasers, both ablative and fractional. I went to three reputable doctors for consults 2-3 years ago and they
  6. I know you say you had a fraxel treatment in 2015. I was researching lasers but I did not want to make things worse and have read so many hit or miss stories with laser. For us, I think lasers might be the only thing worth researching because we have a lot of shallow yet numerous tiny scars. Seems like only some sort of laser procedure would be effective with.
  7. Maybe a few icepick/boxcar. So small and meaningless I wouldn't even worry about it. It's nearly invisible.
  8. TCA cross widened and deepened a few scars for me. Again, maybe it's just my skin or whatever, but the whole science behind dropping acid in an already unhealed hole sounds pretty damn stupid to begin with. I would avoid it and even if you're desperate making things worse can be just as heartbreaking, especially with these scammer doctors all around trying to sell anything even if they make things worse. Back in the day, my dermatologist was milking visits for 2 years and did not tell me about
  9. The single procedure he did with me worsened things a bit which was easily visible through the TCA cross. Maybe it was just me/my skin, but in the end I wouldn't go back to him or recommend him.
  10. I have your exact same scarring almost scarily identical. I know you don't want to hear this but I have not found any sort of viable solution yet. I tried the following: Dermabrasion (deep): 65-75% improvement (when my scars were not as shallow as yours etc) TCA Cross (10-12 dots): 2 new small scars, 10-15% worsening on a few. Microneedling: 15-20% worsening overall. TCA and Microneedling were the worst decisions, because they worsened things and opened up a little "weak skin" that
  11. I wouldn't "switch" mid Accutane, but I would probably go to another dermatologist, depending on your insurance, getting another opinion on what to do for this error basically. Alternatively you could bring it up to your current Derm for advice on what to do, but I have no idea if that would be helpful or not, and considering he made this mistake, not sure how much his advice i'd want anyway. You definitely need another expert opinion on how to proceed.
  12. If I were you I might go to another dermatologist and/or plastic surgeon to explore the science behind what this error did or will do long term. If its incredibly damage/noticeable, you have 2 years or so (varies) to file a malpractice because it was an error not simply negligence. With all the things going on though, acne, Accutane, and this keloid, I'd probably get to another derm to evaluate things or options. I don't think I'd trust your current derm to give you advice on his mistake.
  13. Well that's depressing, but thanks for the insight. Do you mind if I ask did you do the co2re on low settings/what type of scarring you tried to treat and if it was shallow or not? I don't know what sub RF is but I haven't seen it offered around me through my searching. Wish I could find a reliable laser treatment.
  14. Obviously he's showing only successful cases, but the improvements still look vast, most of them 75-85%. I only saw one that said filler, unless they are using them and didn't indicate it. In any event, I'm afraid of lasers but what else is there to use nowadays, nothing.
  15. Considering 3 doctors currently and I have to do something by mid July so I can do a laser between classes, can anyone who has had the co2re shed some insight on whether this laser, being more recently introduced, is "better" than the fraxel repair with less chance of horror stories. I feel like, just from research, the repair is incredibly strong and can burn the living daylights out of your skin, but can be highly effective but its hit or miss with people, highly effective and/or highly dama