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  1. Checking in to report on the giant cyst that's formed on my chin. It's about an inch in total surface area and has three separate "heads." Pretty exciting. I hope that when I'm at dinner with friends tonight that it explodes and starts bleeding. Yay acne!
  2. I've been skipping a day or two here and there and don't seem to be much worse for the wear. I've also been doing the regimen only once a day instead of twice and that seems to be working all right. I'll probably stick with it, because it's been working better than anything else I've tried, but I'm not motivated enough to be super diligent and do the thing twice a day. I'm definitely not getting the beautiful clear skin that I've heard people talk about here. Stress has been a big fact
  3. I have two huge, inflamed nodules on my back, but everything else seems all right for the moment. I'm getting very dry, which is annoying, but I'm okay with that if it means that I'm not broken out. I've decided to order another large bottle of BP treatment as a sign of good faith to myself that I'm going to stick with it. It's still not fun to slather all this product on myself, and I'm hoping in time, I can stop using BP on my back so I can stop worrying about bleaching everything I own.
  4. I've been doing the regimen sporadically the last few days and all I have to say is that at least the pimples I get are poppable. I even got one right where I set my sunglasses, though I hadn't worn sunglasses in days.
  5. I've been waffling on whether to stay on the regimen this week because of my lack of results. Thursday was a bad day to make that decision. I broke out in 8 giant, pus and blood filled nodules all over my face. Those don't conceal well, at all. One of them spontaneously exploded during dinner with friends and I spent 20 minutes dabbing it in the bathroom to stop the bleeding. This feels like an exercise in futility and I'm tired of throwing good money after all the products, and spending
  6. Skipped two days this weekend because I was feeling like a slave to the regimen and not getting any results. As a result, I got two new nodules on my jawline and a few other miscellaneous bumps around. I'm not even a little bit convinced this wouldn't have happened had I been consistent. In fact, I think it might have been worse. I guess I won't give up, but I'm not totally sure I should re-order the big bottle of BP, or spend any more money on anything else when nothing is really happ
  7. Three days ago, shortly after I posted my last blog update, my face exploded into a mess of whiteheads and nodules and pain. Ouch! The two bothersome nodules eventually popped and have gone away (for the most part), one with some help, the other one its own. At one point during the day, I had no fewer than 8 trouble spots on my face. I was really feeling down about the whole regimen process, but I stayed patient. Just two days later, they've all gone away (for the most part) and everythin
  8. I switched cleansers this morning to the store brand of Cetaphil cleanser. What a difference! Everything looks and feels completely different! I'm so glad I made this change, because the flakes are starting to come off and it looks like i'm getting a lot smoother and more glowy. BUT - the nodules are getting more aggressive. I have two that worry me right now. There's one next to my nose that got a white head tonight, so I popped it after the shower. there was LOTS of pus in there, so i
  9. Marynoo

    - very little scent - does not strip my very dry skin - doesn't sting in eyes - the 16 ounce size is very cost effective - doesn't foam, thus, doesn't remove makeup effectively (i use an oil cleanser or jojoba to take off eye makeup before i wash) this is a pretty great cleanser overall. price is right, totally not drying, which is a big deal for me. as my skin changes, i am very prone to flakiness and this is helping with that a lot. i'm really glad i tried it!
  10. The Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser has left me looking like a cracked fresco. This is not good. I'm taking it back to the store and hoping they'll let me exchange it for something better. The skin around my eyes has all but run away and any lines I have around my eyes look questionable and much older than I am. Back it goes! I'll write more about my progress when I'm not so annoyed about how dry my face is.
  11. I think the change in cleanser has left me red and peely. My skin looks pretty rough today, even though I had to wear makeup for an appointment. My neck is irritated again, but my back seems to look better for the moment. Today is the beginning of week 4. The red spots and old blemishes on my back are starting to subside. My face still isn't blemish free. I have the little nodules next to my nose, and I got a new cluster of blemishes at the corner of my mouth this morning. They seem to
    - the scent is very mild - not very lather-y - dries out skin I'll keep going with this because I've bought it and will see it through, but it's pretty irritating. I'll give it another few days to see if the irritation subsides. It was a change from the Clean and Clear, but I'm not sure it's a favorite. I'll edit this review in a few weeks when I get a better feel for what it really does.
  12. I have these weird little nodules on each side of my nose today. They seem a little questionable and swollen but I'm going to just LEAVE THEM ALONE as much as I'd like to pick them. I still get a new blemish here and there, but nothing like before. I even got a new one on my back, which kind of broke my heart, to be honest. I'm about to finish week three and I'm trying to manage my expectations of clarity. This feels like a whole lot of work and I'm not getting the results I want. So I'l
  13. The irritation seems to be subsiding, somewhat, especially on my neck. Somehow I managed to let the BP migrate halfway down my neck and it was causing this really itchy, red ring right below where my skin is attempting to clear. The acne under my chin/neck has always made me crazy. About 3 years ago, I started to break out with big, juicy pustules right under my chin at the jawline. Nothing I did would work on them, but as soon as I'd get a chance to see a derm, they'd go away (OF COURSE!).
  14. I'm getting irritated at being irritated. It's showing up on my neck, the back of my neck and some on my back. I looked back through the regimen steps for the back and saw that i'm using FAR too much BP and AHA on my back. I guess I got overzealous hoping more product would clear me faster... I know that's not true now. So I've started moisturizing further down my neck to keep it from getting red and peely. It seems to help! The thing that continues to amaze me is how my skin is r