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  1. Hi I live in Canada and have found a fairly cost effective plan following the Regimen (which has worked better than anything I have ever tried including accutane). I have bought all these products at Shoppers Drug Mart under the Spectro Label The Spectro Jel (purple bottle) $10 The Spectro AcneCare Benzyl Peroxide 2.5 $8 The Spectro Hydra Care Moisturizer (purple bottle) $14 I have followed the regimen using these products and it's easy because they are all made from the same supplier,
  2. I take 1000mg vitC time released, after taking it for a few weeks i noticed my healing slightly better, i highly recommend it!
  3. ontheroad


    I was positive Minocycline was prolonging Red Marks on my face, so I stopped taking it 2 months ago, and my red marks after a pimple leaves have not been sticking around. I believe Minocycline affects peoples recovery time of red marks differently, if it affects yours look for an alternative. You know your skin better than anyone else, and if you dont remember red marks sticking around this long before you went on minocycline, you just answered your own question.
  4. I dont know you but I wish you luck also!!!!!!!
  5. I think we all have wanted to challenge god regarding our skin a few times.
  6. So I am not the only one that is noticing this also, Ive been on minocyline for a few months and get a pimple like once every couple days which isnt that bad, but it scars! Itll leave an indent, Ive taken accutane twice 5 yrs ago, which cleared me up, but i was starting to break out again, If I have to I'll go on it again, but I'm lookin into smoothbeam now as an option, to at least get rid of some moderate scars(hopefully). Thanx for the post, wish my doc would have told me about this side ef
  7. im on minocycline right now and for me it has made red marks stay longer, thats all i can really say, also stay out of the sun, its hard to say if its helped yet but my acne isnt bad, i was on accutane once, the reason my doctor put me on minocyline was because every pimple i get now seems to leave a small scar, bizarre, so its a preventive thing
  8. Has anyone tried combining any of this regimen with puredeming at all, and do you know if you can. thanx
  9. Has anyone used puredeming with acv, and if so what was your method thanx
  10. Hi I'm new to this board, anyways im trying it and I was wondering if anyone here has combined this method with PureDeming products thanx
  11. I give you lots of credit for taking the risk alex, and for sharing your results even though some people have become upset over it for whatever reason. I don't think you should cut something down if you have not tried it. Best of luck to everyone, thanks for the research! If this did work for everyone it sure would be funny to see the execs faces at major skin care companies.
  12. for me it took about 5 months for it to work, but when it did, it did. My dermatologist just raised my daily dose. It affects everyone differently though so just hang in there, you will beat it, its only a matter of time. good luck
  13. ya, my face rarely breaks out now that im on minocyline, but i have had a few pimples in the past and the red marks have been there for at least 6 months. I dont know if minocycline causes it but I cant stop it due to speculation, Im just going to try and get rid of the red spots now I guess.
  14. Iv'e noticed that since iv'e been on minocycline for about 4 months my skin has been leaving behind red marks after a pimple is gone that just stay forever. This never used to happen to me. Iv'e heard that this can be a side affect of minocyline, does anyone know, or has anyone had similar experiences?