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  1. jaealardo
    ajdguarhgaeug asgaehgurhgiarhg I want my face to be "not itchy" the BP makes my face itchy. :/ Usually im all peppy and excited to do my regimen, but now i just want to lay down and not do anything. Blegh. It's really time consuming, but i will push through!!!
  2. jaealardo
    Hi, I'm Jaea. Welllllll I just received my Acne.org treatments and it was GREAT to find that the pump top of my cleanser was broken, not to mention, spilled all over the box. But whatevs. I just want clear skin.
    When I followed the regimen, there is a lot of 5-15 minute increments.. i didn't know what to do with that time during the first time around and spent it impatiently tapping my feet and pacing...
    But i think I'm gonna run out of things to do in these 15 minute gaps. I'm going to need ideas. Got any?
    I drew a picture of a fat sloth sitting on a couch in the second time-gap. Okay, me carrying on with this nonsense is ridiculous. Soo, I am going to end this.