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    I like hanging out with my friends, like any other average teenager. I am really outgoing, and I like to sing, dance and be awesome. That's about it. OH, and i have mild acne that I am starting to get under control since i have started Dan's regimen! :)

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  1. woah, since when did this become like facebook?

  2. Haha actually, I found out it was a face sunburn. I have switched to Olay SPF Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin, and added a few drops of jojoba oil (before i go to school) and it is working fan-freakin-tastic. Thank you for posting! Also, the reason why my face wrinkled is because I put too much BP for the first couple weeks. I have reduced the amount I put, and I put 12 drops of jajoba oil for the night instead of 6. So that is working well. I made the mistake of going in the sun... I'm gonna
  3. My face has been getting very dry lately, and i've been getting it during school. (It's slightly embarrassing) I look like an old lady, my face is peeling, and it feels tight; it's also oily at the same time. Maybe the BP is doing it to me? Also, there is some slight darkening in the wrinkly areas. This has never happened before and I cannot stand it. Should I stop applying, or should i keep using it? I really don't want to carry on like this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Whaaa? Ummm I guess I can't hear you then.

  5. You changed your picture! Haha alright that's enough from me. :P Nice though.

  6. when you were your brothers age did he do the same? also, if you tell your dad you love him, maybe he will be more comfortable with saying it to you.
  7. My dad even has problems with that, and i'm a girl! He does show me he loves me by telling me sometimes, but its super awkward since he doesn't come around a lot. I guess he wants to show you he loves you by trusting you with responsibilities, it might suck but maybe he's just too awkward to express it like your mom does. Well good luck,
  8. It's spring break, and sleep is great since I can sleep in for the first time in like 5 months. Anyways, I was like HOLY CRAPBALLS ITS 5!! I just want to know if i still wash my face and do my daily routine even though I might be washing my face again in the next couple hours and my sleeping pattern would be jacked up.
  9. jaealardo

    Just Little Ol' Me!

    Pictures of me.
  10. jaealardo


    ajdguarhgaeug asgaehgurhgiarhg I want my face to be "not itchy" the BP makes my face itchy. :/ Usually im all peppy and excited to do my regimen, but now i just want to lay down and not do anything. Blegh. It's really time consuming, but i will push through!!!
  11. F*ck yeah i love smiley emoticons!! > especially ones of Chuck Norris!!
  12. I use garnier pure- shine control moisturizer instead of the acne.org one. It gives your face a matte look and controls excess oil hmm. That sounds great! i use the Olay spf moisturizer with some jajoba oil so i can go out, but I'm pretty sure this is a safe alternative. Thanks
  13. Thanks!! I'll be sure to buy some
  14. hahaha tape cotton balls to your fingers or something. aha maybe it will get you to notice how much you attempt at picking mindlessly:)
  15. I just started my second day of the regimen, it was my first morning with it. I am just wayy too excited to get clear skin! Does anyone know a safe way to make your skin look "not shiny" when going somewhere during the day? I don't want to use any cosmetics that will make me break out. The moisturizer makes me look oily, and i dont want to stay in the house all day. :/ Oh. My. God. there is a Chuck Norris face?!?!