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  1. I use 'Simple' light hydro light moisturiser. It's really light in consistency and absorbs instantly
  2. Hey man, In my opinion you really are using all the wrong products. With your level of acne you should NEVER use any kind of scrubs as this will only irritate your skin further. Apricot products especially I have found only irritate further. Have you checked out Dan's Regimen? I have been following this religiously now for the past year (with a few tweaks). For the first time EVER I can finally say I'm clear. My acne started at 14 ... I'm now 26 now. My acne used to be twice as severe as y
  3. Hey man, I had exactly the same problem. When my acne was severe I could never wet shave as it would just irritate my skin in further =/. I stopped wet shaving altogether and now I just trim my stubble to 1mm. I have however finally cured my acne and can now wet shave, well I wet shave my cheeks and go around my stubble line. This defines my beard more. Anyway I cannot give this trimmer anymore praise ... they're just AMAZING! I love the fact that I can control what length I have my beard
  4. Personally I think that starting out on 10% is far too high! With BP you need to at least work your way up. I was using Panoxl 2.5% BP cream and found this too be more than effective . You will always expect redness at the start of using BP ... once your skin adjusts you will be fine! Hope this helps!
  5. I have the most simple regimen which I believe could really work for you. My acne used to be at the same level as yours, now I get maybe 1 small spot a week tops and can happily say I have clear skin for the first time in nearly 12 years. I personally think numerous people just use far too many products/over complicate things. Seriously my regimen is literally 3 simple steps,which I do morning and night ... takes me 15 mins only =). Let me know if you want to know more and I'll be happy to h
  6. Since I was 14, I'm 25 now but finally have it under control [95% clear] =)
  7. You can apply both BP and Moisturizer at both night and before you go to bed. For a bit of guidance here is my personal regimen as a guideline___________ Morning -Cleanse face lightly with 'Simple' gel wash whilst i'm in the shower -Lightly pat face dry, then once my face is completely dry ... I then apply the BP [Full index fingers length]. Apply this evenly and gently, it's all about being as gentle as possible [Less irritation means less acne =) ] -Once your BP has now comple
  8. Personally if I get in from work and my skin feels oily i'll just jump in the shower and cleanse my face lightly with my cleanser [no BP at this stage, just moisturizer]. I would then do my whole regimen just before bed as normal. Having an oil build up is never good to just leave.
  9. I closely inspect every tiny imperfection on every single person. I even find myself doing it on the television! It's totally down to having past severe acne that I do this, just can't help myself! Thankfully my skin is 95% clear now but I still find myself constantly doing routine skin checks at every given moment! Although I did get a compliment the other day saying 'your skin looks glowing' this made me mega happy! I totally agree though, I can see the majority of other acne sufferers a
  10. It's hard to say really ... everyone heals differently. I would say keep with Palmers, as it does wonders for scarring! It may not erase it completely but it will fade it dramatically . I personally wouldn't resort to laser treatment, as it is such a minor scar! Also check out 'Bio Oil'. I haven't used it before but the reviews speak for themselves!
  11. I used to have far worse scarring than that. I just replaced my usual moisturiser with 'Palmers coco butter' sorted it out a treat . Now they are barely visible! Hope this helps!
  12. The Simple range is lovely =). I'm using the gel face wash at the moment! Your skin feels so smooth and refreshed after! It's pretty cheap in Tesco and Asda aswell.
  13. It all depends on the strength of the Neutrogena. Like the chap said above, Dan's is only 2.5% so you can use morning and night everyday so early on in the regimen; whereas something like the Neutrogena may only be intended to use every other day e.g. when you have a new breakout. I used to use Dan's BP but like you I ran out and just couldn't afford the shipping and customs charge. Now I use Panoxyl [2.5%], it's mega cheap and I find it to be just as effective .
  14. In my own opinion It's all down to having consistency to your regimen. Sounds to me like you are chopping and changing between different products. A good cleanser, BP, and a good moisturiser, then just stick with these products! I've suffered from acne since I was 14, now at the age of nearly 26 I've finally got it under control and am pretty much clear except 1 active small spot I have discovered the perfect regimen, it's cheap, and extremely effective! I went form mod/severe acne to like