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  1. From the album: My regimen jouney

    this is two weeks in. red marks look like active acne, severity has slightly decreased and oil is less
  2. drewriemer

    My regimen jouney

    Pictures of my acne and progress (moderate/severe) 20yrs old
  3. From the album: My regimen jouney

    Here is day one. I went from moderate to severe acne vertually overnight. Here is me at my worst. Notice the oiliness of my face. The other side is slightly better, but still severe.
  4. I get white heads alot more now that i've started the acne.org is there a solution or shall i wait it out. Its been three weeks
  5. Acne is very humbling for sure. Just the other day i had a Saomoan tell me that if you pee on your face, it will get rid of it. He was full serious too. (I looked it up, don't try it) But I'm slowly learning to accept that as long as I'm not shying away from conversations, people will look at my eyes instead of my acne. And people who choose to judge me by my skin probably have things they don't want to be judged on. I can't be mad at someone for there ignorance. When I choose to have fun and en
  6. Take Zinc supplements and fish oil. I also use jojoba oil like dan suggests. I've heard lemon juice works wonders as well read some reviews on it and decern it for yourself. hope this helps. enjoy prom man, it only happens once