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  1. A couple of other observations I forgot to note: 1. For some reason, my right cheek seems to be suffering severely. I don't know what the problem is or why it's so bad, but any time I get a breakout, it's on my right cheek and it's ugly. 2. I forgot to mention that there are typically 2 times I break out: during my monthly cycle and after I wear makeup (even if I do a mask immediately after). I only wear makeup on Sundays or special occasions, and it's oil-free. Because the hyperpigmentation h
  2. Here are my 4-month pictures. Basically, my there's been improvement on my forehead and left cheek. Slight improvement on my right cheek, but it's still pretty ugly.
  3. Well, my honest assessment is that I'm still not really that pleased with my skin, but for some strange reason, people have been taking notice. I've heard from a few people that my skin looks brighter or clearer or the typical "hmmm, I don't know what it is but your skin looks different." A co-worker asked if I was pregnant and said I had a "glow." Personally, I don't see it. The Good - I like the fact that I'm not using chemicals - I'm not breaking out in the huge cysts I used to get o
  4. Hello everyone! It's been 3 months since I tossed my chemicals. I'm sorry I've taken so long, but life got a little hectic. I'm just getting around to posting these pics but now that I know how, I'll probably do so more often. As you might guess, the all-natural regimen yields much slower progress than chemicals, so after 3 months, I haven't seen as much progress as I would've liked. But on Monday, my sister told me my skin is looking good, and asked me what I had been doing. Last week, a co-w
  5. I made it to Day 11. Starting over today. Day 1.
  6. NOTE: Yesterday marked the end of Week 4, but I decided since 4/30 will mark the end of a one-month period, I'll just wait until then to post my update. I want to post some one-month pictures, as well as the "before" pics that I snapped on 3/30, if I can figure out how to post pics on this site. Update coming on Saturday.
  7. I use T.N. Dickinson's All Natural Witch Hazel. It doesn't burn or sting my skin, I just hate the smell (and the fact that my skin doesn't seem to absorb it). Prior to tossing my chemical products, I used Neutrogena's Alcohol Free Toner (in the blue bottle). For pretty much the past 10-15 years, I've only worn make-up for church and other special occasions. If I'm going out with friends, out on a date, to church, an interview, something like that, I'll wear make-up. But I dd NOT wear it d
  8. Hi Acnegone! Good luck with the Herpanacine. As I just mentioned, I broke out pretty badly last week, and since I just started the Herpanacine last week, I'm not sure if that's what did it or if it's because my cycle is starting soon. I'm leaning toward the Herpanacine, since purging is a common side effect. I took this once before during college, but it takes SO LONG to see results that I gave up. Most people say it takes 3-4 months to really see results. So this time, I'm going to give it 6
  9. WEEK 3 UPDATE The day before yesterday marked the end of week 3. I'm a couple of days late, because I was considering not doing an update this week. I've had a pretty bad week in reference to my skin. Plus, it can be pretty depressing in general to take pictures of your face every week and see no real difference. Anyway, here are my updates: 1. I broke out pretty badly shortly after I posted the end of Week 2 update. At first, I was horrified, then I realized that it was either because my men
  10. I don't expect anything, but I'm going to try it just for the heck of it. I may be a lady, but I can tell you, it's probably going to be harder for me than it is for the guys. I did 40 days once before (while on a fast), and I was absolutely MISERABLE. But I did succeed, so I guess I can do it again. I didn't pay attention to whether or not my skin did any better, so I really can't say whether the 40 days made a difference. Plus, I just started my new regimen 2 weeks ago, so I'm not sure I'll
  11. OMG this is the most hilarious thread ever!!!! (Not to make light of the experiment, but this is just plain hilarious)! :D :D :D :D
  12. WEEK 2 UPDATE Today marks the end of Week 2. I'm going to keep my update short, since there's really not much to report. 1. The three huge pimples I reported last week are all gone. Two of them left scars, which doesn't surprise me. 2. The BIG news: This is the first week in my life where I can report having NO NEW PIMPLES!!! Not one. Wow. That's new to me. I've rarely had a day go by where I didn't get a new pimple - let alone a whole week! 3. No noticeable changes to my hyperpigmentation.
  13. WEEK 1 UPDATE So today marks the end of Week 1. Overall, I am quite pleased with this new regimen. More than anything, I love the fact that I'm not putting any chemicals on my face, and that everything I'm using is natural. I did end up using the mask, because Sunday, I wore makeup to church and I wanted to be sure I thoroughly cleansed my pores. I'm loving my products so much that I honestly can't figure out which is my favorite part. I actually look forward to washing my face in the evening
  14. JustBeingMe404

    controls shine for a few hours very lightweight smells good kinda pricey, but worth it stops working after while I used this product along with the entire Proactiv system for several years. I have extremely oily skin, in fact, I've never seen anyone with skin oilier than mine. It's unbelievable. Sometimes, I drip oil. Okay, now with that in mind, I used this product to try to control my shine during the day. For the first month or two, it worked miraculously. It kept m
  15. Not really an update, but an observation or two... So today is Day 4 and this is what I've noticed thus far: 1. Those two pimples I got are actually healing on their own with absolutely no spot treatment or any other chemicals. What's especially noteworthy is that one of them which was pretty painful when it first appeared, didn't hurt at all by the next day. That's very unusual for me. It's smaller, too. Normally, my pimples get bigger and more painful before they dry up and shrink. Not this