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  1. Do you live in canada? or Toronto for that matter. Did it cost money? Did it scar? where was the cyst? how long did it take?
  2. I have about 3 cysts on my face. not too big but they are there and you feel them under the skin. 1 has been there for a year ( since last summer ) 1 has been there since winter 1 has been there for about 2-3 months i'm not gona make the same mistake and take minocycline and clindoxyl gel . DIDNT DO ANYTHING waste of time + money. i have a derm appointment July 29, and i'm wondering if they can REMOVE THEM on the spot. (REMOVE: CUT THEM OUT OF MY SKIN) and how much will it cost? EDIT
  3. once you pop a zit on your face it becomes a wound liek any other cut/ scrape on your body. it will take several days to scab and peel off. so dont rush it. and dont peel scabs. drink a lot of water, get a lot of sleep. aloe vera works too
  4. yeah i got minocycline and it didnt do SHIT all. i stayed on it for 3-4 months and it was garbage lol. in fact, while i was on the antibiotic , my skin was at its worst. minocycline is just a cover up to make you spend money i swear lol.
  5. this pimple never came to a head, and now its a painless bump, doesnt hurt. but i can feel it. whats up with that? it's been there for close to 3 weeks.
  6. i've been putting BP on my infected areas of my cheeck during the day as a cream and washing with cetaphil. would it be more beneficial to keep your skin under BP as much as possible?
  7. i'm just starting cetaphil today as well. how is it going with you??
  8. allright so i've realized that i've been using both BP AND SA, also i've read that the combination of the two causes irritation and acne / both. i was using clindoxyl gel which has BP along with an OXY wash which has SA now i'm starting CETAPHIL. hopefully the irritation and acne will go down with the usage of only BP in certain spots and no SA !! WISH ME LUCK have any of you guys heard of BP with SA being dangerous too?
  9. agreed. i have a bottle of cetaphil at home. i'm going to try using cetaphil cleanser and see how that goes. as of today i'm going to stop using SA and see how it affects my skin.
  10. i need a new wash but i want something common such as clearasil clean and clear oxy must not be a bP wash, my skin doesnt like BP much i'd rather use a SA prefeb 2 %, (sensitive skin)
  11. which one is better?? any experiences? OXY: http://www.wekenshop.com/Health-Beauty/Ski...nser-162ml.html CLEARASIL: http://www.clearasil.ca/en/scrubs/scrubs-d...foliating.shtml EDIT: I'm currently using the OXY one and i think it's losing its potential, it was good at first but now im breaking out more often.
  12. there is no such thing as fate. what do you do in life affects your outcome. im still going to continue fighting pimples im not gona give up. but what happens just makes me lose hope is all.
  13. thats how i feel. always running to my mirror and checking out spots its so annoying . and before i can even think about it, i'm already fooling around with a bump and end up making it worse.