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  1. Accutane basically dries out your body so as a result your body responds by wanting to hydrate itself.(thirst) I think its pretty common but always talk to your doctor about it.
  2. Thats normal your body does adjust to it slightly. And 20mg is a low dose. If you were on 80mg and not dry then I would question if you are absorbing it.
  3. Maybe you could take it in the evening instead of morning? Any food should be fine though, but foods high in fat are best.
  4. Definitely talk to your doctor but usually they say dont do anything until at least 6 months after you stop.
  5. Im not going to rate it but Id say its mild. Not that bad:)
  6. Next few weeks your skin will continue to dry out. You'll probably see more breakouts but after another few weeks you should see noticeable clearing. Just make sure you keep moisturizing. Your skin is probably going to be more sensitive throughout the course.
  7. Hard to say because everyone is different. It may cause your skin to purge a little more than it is now but its more likely to clear up faster on a higher dose. I wouldnt worry about it too much because in the end youll clear up anyway! Good luck!
  8. Wow your skin looks great! I'm jealous lol. Glad it worked so well for you, thats awesome!
  9. I wish you the best of luck! Im in the same situation as you basically having tried everything but nothing has worked in the long run.
  10. Good luck! Hopefully this will be the end of acne for you!
  11. CW24

    Great Product

    Great Product

    This is definitely the best cleanser I have used over the years. I switch to Acne.org after using CeraVe for a while. This cleanser leathers on well and doesn't over dry your skin. It is also very gentle if you have sensitive skin like myself. Not only can you use this product as a face wash but its also great for a body wash, shampoo, and shaving too. I highly recommend it.
  12. Well 20mg is pretty low dose so it may take longer to get a IB. But it doesnt sound like you had very bad acne before anyway so you may escape without having one. Good luck!
  13. Im with you. Finished my third course of accutane in dec and Im still breaking out. On Differin again now and its not helping. Never ending..