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  1. I'm always stressed I'm in ap classes and have so much homework! Stress sucks! I want clear skin bad still as I said yesterday, I'm alitlle bumpy but I have no redness. I guess my acne isn't from stress though I laugh too much I try to ignore it in school if you act confident you become confident! I act like I don't have it at all but at the end of the day it's still here. I figured out some more stuff the regime don't work for many people I tried it for a month it didn't work BP can bleach your
  2. So my acne is down and I have no new pimples or redness the tea tree oil stings a bit but I guess it's worth it I'm only 15 and I have such bad acne it sucks! I guess we all are in the same situation. I wish I had no acne! Im drinking like 60 oz of water a day it's supposed to detoxify you but I don't know what to believe anymore on tv it's all the same " you too can be acne free" or " the new and better Proactive." I'm upset by my acne but I know underneath it I'm beautiful. All the songs out h
  3. So on Monday, I looked up how to treat acne in three days so I read it, tried it and I look better so if you want to know what to do, I will help you too. 1. Wash face with scrub because otherwise you won't open your pores and just let stuff sit on your face. 2.Use a facial mask to clear up your pores. 3.wash face with a facial soap of your choice I picked Clean and Clear morning burst. 4.Use tea tree oil to get rid of swelling trust me it won't make it worse. 5.Use a moisteriser so