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    http://www.mylaviv.c...ting-laviv.aspx on their site, they have physicians listed in the u.s. There is a doctor near where I live...interesting...I would if they would do it for scars....It clearly states on their website that is for wrinkles though.
  2. From the pictures you have shown us so far, your scar looks alot better. The color looks more natural, and it looks like it has filled in alot -- the edges look like they have been smoothed out. More improvement is just icing on the cake! I'm very happy for you! And, I might have to go with the skin biology. It's nice to have someone say good things about it, because, honestly, the site where you order it from looked a bit shady to me. Thanks
  3. Wow! Your progress has been truly amazing. Congrats on your results...it has been a month or so since you've posted any pictures. Any other improvements so far? Are you growing your bangs out yet? Like you, I would love to not have bangs for once. Fingers crossed that excision will allow me to feel comfortable to at least thin them out a bit. I've always wanted those wispy side bangs that don't take much effort, but I've always needed thicker bangs to cover the scar... Also, pardon if
  4. impossible. Everyone has seen someone with severe acne scars (unless yours are severe acne scars) well, mines not an acne scar. but i couldn't find a forum for random event scars. mine aren't acne scars either....i actually don't know what kind of scars they are. holes in your cheeks from years of picking at your acne (which i never had bad acne at all -- the worst breakout i have ever had was maybe 5 pimples?) and one huge scar on your forehead from a mixture of picking and a tea tree oil bu
  5. when i did glycolic acid peels, i brought them from http://www.skinlaboratory.com/. i would start with the 35 percent, since that is the lowest level, but be very careful especially if you have sensitive skin. i once gave myself a nice acid burn on my chin from leaving it on too long. don't expect to be getting a professional peel from one use. when they say 35 percent, they mean once you use the entire bottle you will have had one 35 percent peel done as if at a derm. so, it might take 3
  6. lucky, i had 4 treatments of the starlux 1540, and its been over a year and i have no seen any improvement. sure, the first week i did because of all the swelling. but once the swelling went down, so did my "improvement." i had a few scars that i thought it actually helped, but as the months went on, those few scars went back to their normal state. pretty dissappointing... i have to ask, was your downtime worse than expected? because when i was first interested in this laser, the plastic sur
  7. i got my stitches out yesterday, and she did tell me to keep steri strips on for another week. i saw what it looked like, and i was sooo pleasantly surprised. There was a bit of scarring left, but it really wasnt that bad. she did get most of the scar out. I am nervous right now as well, because i can see a bit of line where the steri strip isnt on. it looks sorta depressed. i hope it didnt pull apart. or maybe its a little bit left of the old scar too. you would think that if it was part o
  8. i was wondering the same thing. i recently had a scar excision, and i was considering purchasing these after my steri strips came off...
  9. I was one of those silly people who was fooled by lasers. Lasers do not work for deep acne scarring. Well, at least the one I wasted a grand on didn't. It helped surface scarring -- i.e. red spots. And in the specific places I have had the laser, I don't get acne anymore. But my scars look the same. I was supposed to see the maximum results of the laser treatment by November...and sad to say don't see any. I did have one scar on my chin that was more shallow than the others. And for a
  10. Hey guys, thanks for your comments and insight. I know it's been awhile, but I had the first stage of my excision today. It seemed like to took forever to get to this day! I decided to have one of her assistants do the excision while she supervised. Not only was it a money option, but I decided if the doctor I went to was one of the best, then her staff would be held up the highest standard. I have this huge gauze/band aid thing on my forehead right now, and it is super annoying. The tap
  11. I recently went to a dermatologist (one of the best in the area) for a scar I have on my forehead near my eyebrow. One doctor was doing laser treatment on it, and I abruptly stopped going when I asked him if something like and excision would work better. He told me that it would leave a line, and he didn't want to do that to me. It pissed me off -- I felt like he had no idea how bad this scar ruined my self-esteem. It made me feel like he didn't really care about what I wanted. Even if he d
  12. some of us aren't made of money. some of us don't rely on parents, or whomever. some of us work low paying jobs. it took me 5 years to save up 2 grand to get some kind of treatment done. i have a car payment, school loans, water bill, etc. some of those things are more important to pay.
  13. my advice to you is to read reviews from real people who have gone to these doctors. see what others say about them. get a feel for how others had experiences with them. ask around perhaps. if a doctor has a lot of bad reviews for good reasons, then stay away from them. a facial plastic surgeon, if you go to a good one, has first studied in head and necks surgery. they learned by reconstructing trauma patients. they arent dermatologists, so they can't tell you too much about acne, but they
  14. thus, you must learn how to deal with it. you're wasting way too much energy on your appearance. how old are you?
  15. ^ i concur. looks suspicious. why i believe topicals dont work for pitted scars -- they don't absorb into the skin deep enough to help the damaged scar tissue. they might help the appearance look better, as far as color, but no cream can fix the missing collagen that is missing.
  16. are you going to legit dermatologists? like done research on them? found the best in your area? read reviews on them? or even a facial plastic surgeon?
  17. it's truely rare to find someone with amazing skin. i work with the public everyday. i look at other people's skin. and out of the hundreds of people i may see in one day, only 1 or 2 of them have gorgeous skin. the culture we all live in does a good job of pushing those thoughts in our head that if you have the slightest scar you're ugly. if you have a big nose your ugly. if you have acne youre ugly. it's disgusting. most places we go enforces us how ugly we are. just go to the mall. s
  18. you know, some of insurance polices offer the first visit to a shrink free of charge. look into it.
  19. if you are so concerned about it why don't you go to another derm or two and get some other opinions? but, i realize you've seen other derms so my conclusion: paranoid much? you really need to see another type of doctor. clearly, you are really over analyzing your skin. and making too much out of something so little. cause in reality, none of us of qualified to say what is wrong with your skin from pictures or pictures from another person. we can help you, give you advice. but we are moreso
  20. sorry i didn't read all the posts to this topic -- had to just jump and say a few words after the first 2 pages. dude, i have to say to me, personally your skin does not look that bad. i would trade you any day. but, who here really likes their skin? i can tell you one thing for sure -- i believe we all think it is worse than it is. when i started talking openly about the shallow craters i have on my cheeks and how i was looking to do something about it (most of them as big as dimes -- one
  21. i would honestly say do what is right for you. if you have the money, then try it. if it doesn't work than hey at least you tried! that is where i am at. just remember it does not remove scars. it just helps them look better. i just had my first out of five sessions of nonablative laser done yesterday. i understand that it will be almost a year before i see my full results. but to me, laser seemed more reasonable. i wasn't willing to try excision or dermabrasion. i see it as -- well i hop
  22. Today I just had my first treatment of non ablative laser -- I am going to have 5 treatments in total using the Palamar Lux1540 -- which is a newer fractional laser. No dye or anything. I had my first treatment this afternoon and my doctor said not to use any type of product on my face for the first day. Just a cool, damp cloth to help with any swelling or pain. Day two and three I am supposed to use just your average moisturizer twice a day at the most. Nothing else. BUT I was thinking i
  23. is something you continue to do for the rest of your life? or is it something that you stop doing once you see the results you want?
  24. try using vitamin e to fade away your red marks.