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  1. Phew! I was worried he was gonna say something bad! Yeah, sometimes if you cover up too much it takes away your natural glow. I'm glad you found the courage to ditch all the makeup and be natural.
  2. ... At least it feels like a year. A lot has happened and I haven't been on in more than six months. Here's a quick little update before I get into the meat and potatoes of this whole shindig: 1. I'm a freshman in college now!! So I'm just eating teddy grahams in a penguin onesie in a dorm instead of my room at home. Not much has changed. 2. My father passed away last summer on July the Fourth so that definitely took me away from most things for a while. 3. As for my skin... it hasn'
  3. Its especially hard when they try to give you advice on acne, as if they can relate. Perhaps they can... but it simply feels unfair. Try telling her how hurtful her comments are, she could just be ignorant of the situation.
  4. Its nice to see a lot of virgins on here.... if that doesn't sound creepy. Being 16 and in high school a lot of people I know have had sex and of course I still respect them and hold them dear as friends, but its still a shock since I haven't even kissed a guy. Some guys I know would think I was prude for wanting to keep my virginity. Originally I wanted to wait till marriage- and that would be great- however if I was in a loving relationship for more than year or 2 and we been through a lot of
  5. I just starting using something like it before I go to bed however you really don't want to simply pour it out and put it on. I mix a couple cap full's in warm green tea and apply it so the effects aren't that harsh but it works and the tea keeps my skin calm. So far its seems good. But I've only done it for a few days so I can't really see anything different.
  6. I totally understand your situation. Im sixteen and I'm sure I have the worst skin after all my friends. It feels completely awful. :/ I don't have any magical remedy because my skin is still really bad and I have a horrible picking problem as well. I will get super close to the mirror just to find clogged pores and attack them. I know that if I didn't do it my skin wouldn't be as bad but there is always the "what if I don't" and break out. Its a super hard conflict. I wish you the best
  7. I think this will be just a test since I really have no idea what Im doing... so heres a pic of my face :)
  8. Hey folks! Long time no see~! Something I've noticed is really starting to bother me and I'm curious if you noticed it as well. This epidemic- well its probably existed for quite a while- of people who ask the same question when your bad skin is brought up: "Do you wash your face?" but that isn't as bad as the "God just take care of your skin!" -.- There seems to be this negative connotation that people with acne have not done anything to prevent or cure their acne. And nothing bites at
  9. You're 16 too?! I got acne at your age too, around 11 or 10. First off if anyone you know harasses you about your skin confront them and let them know that they truly have to accept you in order to be close to you. Do not stand for abuse. I get walked all over sometimes. Luckily I have friends that don't let that happen but there are instances when I'm alone and must stand up for myself. I suppose the best thing I can say is that we are still young. The depressing thing is that acne
  10. It isn't as bad as you may think. Seriously I had a hard time searching and most people will too. I think you're drawn to it and point it out when in reality you'll probably have to tell someone where it is before they notice. I have the same problem.
  11. Cats and dogs love you! Its true, pets don't see those kind of things. And we care for you here!
  12. All I can say is do not pick at it! Usually these things start out innocent but your curiosity comes and it creates that giant scar scab crater thing. Just treat it with BP and don't touch it!
  13. I always thought I had combo. Oily around my nose and sometimes chin and then dry everywhere else.
  14. ... I'm gonna shove it up their butt. Seriously. I'm glad to hear it worked for them and all. Great! But that doesn't mean it will work for me. I tried it many years ago and it was too rough and scratched my skin up. And while I don't mind the friendly advice, its the fact that people look at my face the moment acne is brought up and just start saying what I should do. Maybe its just a nasty side of me, which I don't like being, but even the sweetest people that say that to me always end up