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  1. no_hope I suggest you read this, you can remodel your skin and thicken it to how it was before. Its the same for pitted scarring, you just have to remove the scar tissue first then let the skin remodel itself, it'll replace that empty volume in your indents by returning the skin to its normal flat surface. I soooo wish I had taken photo's so I could see the change in my scars because my skin was horrible during the first 6 months of this year and has improved with CP's over the last two months.
  2. Peels do work for acne scarring, the key with CP's is to do them gradually and over time. CP's push the damage to the surface and acids remove it. Lol the acids are only bad if they are too strong for the skin, the skin bio regimen calls for using 10% latic acid at night which is so weak that you don't wash it off. A medium strength peel that makes your face red for a day or so and then peels your skin isn't a bad thing either if it's done once a fortnight or month. I don't know much about CICA
  3. Ofc CP's are used with another scar treatment, acid peels work best. TCA cross is pretty much a strong, pin point acid application. When used with CP's it should remove the scar tissue (aka the skin that has been formed as a result of the body's healing process) and replenish with normal skin that can completely fill the indent. The scar tissue is what makes the hole in the skin as the body's natural healing process is inadequate. I guess my problem with tca cross (and why I dismissed it as ri
  4. Skin bio forum The problem with tca cross though is the new skin is not the same as normal skin, the collagen isn't intertwined with other bits of collagen, its the same type of 'skin' that's inside the bottom of the icepick scar. The 'collagen growth and dermal thickening' is what I was saying, the scar is removed and the skin tries to do what it did the first time it made the icepick, your giving it a 2nd shot at healing and hoping it will be better than the first. The reason I say CP's are
  5. IMO it depends how deep the icepicks are, I had a lot of them on my forehead and they have become smaller and shallower (still going) whereas the two that I can't see the bottom of haven't budged. CP's might not be right for this case as its only 3 icepicks but they do work for acne scar reduction. Read on the skin bio forums, there's plenty of successful acne scar removal stories (including big, deep boxcars that have been removed with 50 year old skin). I've got a few on my left cheek that a
  6. You can use it with anything but I wouldn't recommend using a retinoid as it increases the production of the scar-producing TGF-beta. I've got everything lol. Its hard to judge improvement, I wish I had taken a photo. I'd say on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being close to no scarring) in damage my scarring was about an 8, now about a 6. If you include the red pigmentation then a 9 and now a 5, thats improved sooooo much that I'm back to living my life and waiting on the scars to be fully removed
  7. I've been using them for 2 months and they do work, I just wish I'd started them sooner so I could definitely say they have removed my scars.
  8. Have you tried ebay? I bought something like this a few months ago and have used it, was legit.
  9. I re-read your post and must have forgotten it was just 3 icepicks. I've got 2 true icepicks where you can't see the bottom of them (tens of other icepicks but they are shallower now and treatable with CP's), I'm going to tca cross and let them scab. Once they heal a bit they should be elevated enough to see the bottom of the indent and thats when I'll use CP's more directly in them. I'll report back how it goes but you should look into doing this.
  10. Copper peptides. I've been meaning to promote them more on acne.org but havent had the time, they have worked greatly for me. I've only been using them for 2 months but my skin has improved so much, my scars have changed dramatically. I feel like they are halfway improved, like I've removed half of the scar tissue that causes the indents in your face. CP's are the only real solution imo, after that its excision which is impractical (you cant cut out all your scars) and then tca cross which is
  11. Time you have to stop quoting long posts, my scroll wheel hurts I agree with your recommendations, you have to get your health to its full potential if you hope to fix acne scars otherwise they won't heal as well as they could. I've been taking supplements for maybe 4 months now and doing copper peptides for a month (2nd generation, I'm guessing you prefer the 1st gen peptides because they have scientific studies backing them up but this doesn't mean the 2nd gen peptides are not equal or bette
  12. The dermaroller itself doesn't improve scars but is used to help topicals penetrate deeper into the skin. I don't know about lasers, they don't have a good rap on here and cause damage to your healthy skin. I don't understand how lasers are any different to dermarolling, both make tiny holes into the skin, one just costs a lot more than the other. Also, here's what I'm going to be doing over the next few months which you could do also. I don't know if copper peptides are a scam but reading the
  13. Yeah keep it as natural as you can. TCA cross is invasive but it's targeted to an area and doesn't affect the surrounding skin. Another thing to look at is copper-peptide's like CP serum but I don't know much about them, miramar do you think they could work? I won't do a peel because they seam pretty useless when it comes to scars. I'm still thinking about getting excision on the most noticeable scars, the problem is I have a lot of indents I could cut out. Hopefully tca cross works but I'm un
  14. Maybe make a small cut to your thumb, I've had one cut happen accidentally and it has healed completely, even the fingerprint has gone over it. My friend also accidently made a deep cut by using scissors, was about 4mm deep and it's filled in mostly (only been a month). I think a lot of people (myself included) over think their scars and don't realise that for the vast majority of young people they have tremendous healing ability. Wait and see how it turns out then treat, but in the mean time