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  1. 100mg is really high. But for now, I would recommend drinking a lot more fluids, coconut water in particular. Talk to your doctor about alternatives such as hormonal regulating supplements/prescriptions such as birth control or spironolactone.
  2. Are you using benzoyl peroxide? Seems like something is drying out your skin and irritating it. Try using a Cetaphil face wash. Don't buy one of those really big bottles without trying them. They have sample sizes at target for like 1 dollar.
  3. Irritation, use an electric razor.
  4. Hello everybody! This is a new blog I will be starting which will consist of my life with acne and how I got through high school, community college, college, and now grad. A little background information about me. I have had acne since my senior year of high school and throughout my college career. I have taken multiple acne prescriptions throughout my life. Here is a list of some of the prescriptions: Benzoyl Peroxide Tretinoin Doxycycline Hyclate Clindamycin Phosphate Epiduo Bactri
  5. Looks like whiteheads that haven't reached the surface of the skin. Topical retinols such as RETIN-A and TRETINOIN are really good for these types of situations. Talk to your dermatology, it doesn't look severe enough for accutane. I also recommend you trying to open up the pores by sitting in a sauna/steam room or running in-door on a treadmill.
  6. Go. Your face is a little red and peeling? Think about all of the other faces at that zumba class that will be red and sweaty. People don't go to zumba classes to look at people's faces, people go for the exercise and to have fun. If she has a problem with your face, that's her problem. Go out there, be confident and have fun! Also, try taking a NSAID (anti-inflammatory) such as advil or tylenol, it can help with the red/swelling. Pack a ton of lotion on tonight, drink some water, and get
  7. Ok so the thing about using multiple products is that it's really hard to pinpoint what's causing the problem. Your breakout can be caused by the irritation from the exfoliators. Try to exfoliate only once or twice a week. Yeah it makes you feel clean but it can potentially damage your skin/irritate it.
  8. If you're not liking the greasy-look, I'd recommend patting down your face lightly with a paper towel or with a oil absorbing sheet.
  9. The change in temperature/climate/humidity could be making you get whiteheads. I'm not a female but I've heard great things from birth control or spironolactone. Definitely could be hormonal related. Good luck. ACV twice a day might be too tough for your skin especially with that benzoyl peroxide.
  10. I use facial cleanser whenever I wash my face. I wash my face once in the morning and once at night with the same cleanser.
  11. My dermatologist recommended the Cetaphil cleanser for sensitive skin.
  12. The effects of Accutane seem to be diminishing. Your diet definitely will affect your skin but it seems like it's not helping you. Which products have you been using on your face?
  13. Hey, Dry/flaking/peeling skin is completely normal and means that the drug is working. I would recommend you to only exfoliate if your skin can handle it. If exfoliating makes your skin agitated, try to use something not as abrasive/lower the concentration of the exfoliant. In terms of the moisturizer, try mixing some oil with your lotion such as jojoba oil. What I would do is get a pump or two of moisturizer in my hand then I would apply one drop of oil with the moisturizer, mix it all up in
  14. 70kg and 20mg is an underdose. You're going to need more than that, I would say at least 60mg a day but you should definitely check with your doctor before doing this.