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  1. <p>i think salicylic acid is the best bet. first, it is unlikely for your skin to get immune to it. second, it seemed to work for me, although not overnight.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>despite using terbafinine, travocort, and canesten on my face in rotation, the pf still stays (it does clear up a bit) and is pretty stubborn. i just let it sit there now, and slap some SA on it.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>i even resort to t
  2. Okay, guys. I also had P. Folliculitis without me even knowing it! All this while, I thought it was ACNE. I discovered it while I was taking pictures of my skin with my camera and at the same time, I was reading some stuff about folliculitis from acne.org. Gosh, those bumps looked awful! Not to mention, they do itch like hell, especially at night. So, I went to the pharmacist and was prescribed this cream called Travacort, which is a broad spectrum antifungal, antiyeast and anti bacteria cr
  3. My skin is getting better now. Especially after having two rounds of facials with extractions. Two days later, I'll be having another SA peel. Wish me luck!
  4. My skin has improved slightly although it did not clear up at all. Well, it got worst after the flight and sort of improved after two nights of really good, long sleep. Now, I don't use the Unclog during the day. Only the night. I also use the retinaldehyde seperate from the Unclog.
  5. After the flight, I emailed my doctor and then got a reply from the head doctor of the area. I was told to stop the unclog and retinaldehyde to give my skin a break. Sheesh.
  6. My acne has gone worst. I've got cysts now. Thanks to the bloody 20 over hour flight. Lucky for those who have great skin. Initially, my skin was on the process of recovering. Now it's back to square one.
  7. Currently, I look like this: There are lots of dark marks from the dead nodules.
  8. Due to the mini peel, some existing whiteheads turned to pus filled ones. I cried over the 7 of them last night. The extractions made my face look temporarily horrible too. So, I was pretty upset over my face. But I realized how stupid I was to cry over my face. I mean, it won't change a thing!
  9. Hello peeps. Sorry for the mini-hiatus! I've been a little occupied these days... Anyway, update on my skin. I've just came back from extractions yesterday so my skin doesn't look as flawless as it was two days ago. Yes, my skin actually showed signs of clearing up. What used to be hundreds and hundreds of bumps are now reduced to a mere 100. I'm actually happy that there is progress. The extractions went well. The nurse who did it for me was pretty gentle and she was only using fingers (wi
  10. No, I never get scars and even if I do, they are just merely PIH and not scars... They fade pretty quickly because of the AHA/BHA serum and the Retinaldehyde. My PIH is under control due to the niacinamide serum as well (It's by Rationale Skincare - 10 percent concentration. Google the company up! You should be able to get it by calling them up. They do deliveries. ). Niacinamide takes care of the PIH, irritation from acne and regulates oil flow as well. The reason why sometimes the PIH don'
  11. I hope you enjoy your trip!
  12. Oh it's actually a serum that acts a little like a moisturizer. It's by rationale skincare. Just give it a google. Do try the samples first before ordering!
  13. Sheesh. My skin is pretty bumpy today - the smooth patches are still smooth. All of the whiteheads and pimples are screaming to come out but there's nothing I can do.
  14. How strong is your peel? It took me 12 days to complete the peeling process. No wonder pores are clogged so easily! The dead skin does not want to shed unless there's some acids going on. T_T