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  1. Latest update: off of the differin. I had an allergic reaction to it - 3 months in I was not seeing ANY results. My doc told me to use it in conjunction with benzoyl peroxide - and it made my skin hell! So I just stopped using it! Currently I am using Murads Acne Complex with Salicylic acid, and so far it seems to be working. I have been using it with the Pure Skin supplements for around three weeks now. I don't have any "new" breakouts, and the old ones are going away. Some of my zit
  2. Alright, almost three weeks since I have started differin. Things are okay. One side of my face is pretty clear. E other side is monstrous. The breakouts I had when I started differin are mostly cleared, and it clears new ones quickly. I think I am going through the IB phase, and it is painful. If I thought I had cystic acne before, I was wrong. I have one huge mofo on my chin, it is HUGE! And hard and painful...hopefully it goes away soon. I started the differin every other day, and no
  3. Has no idea how to make a new topic nor post pictures...WTF IS WITH THIS LAYOUT?

    1. HI! your log is SOOOO inspiring! Thank you so much for posting it! I just got prescribed Differin yesterday, hence I started a new regimen. I am starting with every other day applications at night-time. And then I will progress to every night if I feel my skin is acclimated enough to handle it. I wasn't prescribed clindamycin though. My acne is centrally located on my chin! I get the occasional pimple elsewhere, but I don't really worry about em'! For some reason the ones on my
    2. I am on Yaz. I have been on it for like 6 months, I currently have 2 more months of it that I have purchased, so if I switch it will be then I guess. Went to the doctor today, because I am SO sick of my skins bipolarity! As much as I wished the naturopathic way would work...it didn't. I have it 7 months and it failed me. I ate well, exercised, quit smoking, and used natural skin products. Things would get better, then worse...and now my skin is in the worst condition it has been in si
    3. Fuck that self-righteous bitch. Everyone is different and shouldn't give advice about what THEY would do, because unless it is asked for...NO ONE GIVES A SHIT! I think that you are brave and admirable for going on accutane. You are telling your acne to EFF OFF in the most sincerest of ways. I'm too afraid to go on accutane. For one, I don't think my acne is THAT severe, but if it starts spreading on my face I will probably change my mind. But two, I feel like I would be the person
    4. Hey! How are things going?!

      1. happyfeet731


        I didn't even know this conversation thing existed! I am trying to figure out this new layout! Things are going pretty swell! Just started using Differin cream this week and things seem to be going alright, minus mondo-zit infestation (and mild dryness). How about you? How is the tane goin?

    5. Grrrawr! I was clear until like...a week ago. And now...it's just like break-out central. It reminds me of how I first looked when I broke out. Perhaps not as bad, but...just as painful. I hate painful zits and it seems that is all I get. I feel like I just can't get a break! But I guess, I haven't been eating as well as I was. I really do think my acne is hormonal and stress induced (it is like my face knows school is around the corner!) - I only break out on my chin. Perhaps, anyone has
    6. Oh, and here is my current regime. I use Hemp Hemp Hooray Lush Lime Cleanser morning and night. Then I spritz neem-leaf extract all over my face. I wait for it to dry and then I use Hemp Hemp Hooray skin soother moisturizer. This combination works great...minus the tamanu oil that I am discontinuing the use of. I am using honey currently on the rash to see if that will help calm the inflammation. SO LAMEEEE!
    7. Garrrr! So, not using tamanu oil anymore, apparently I am allergic to it. Every place I put it has a weird hive-like rash....WONDERFUL! One step forward, two steps back apparently. Hopefully this rash clears up soon, it's got me down!
    8. I think I will do some chemical peels probably when the summer is over (less sun exposure is my train of thought!) I think stress breaks me out. I have a new zit...it's one of those that just starts as a red mark and then becomes a white head eventually...they are SOOO ANNOYING! It's not that bad, it's just every zit that comes my way seems to make everything worse...although I have come very far. I need to do something about what I allow to stress me out because I think my acne is directly
    9. It could just be your hormones darling! At 19, the same thing happened to me! I broke out terribly after being clear for my entire life, and it went away....and then CAME BACK AGAIN! It is terrible truly. You might want to get tested for food allergies and see if something you are eating you may be allergic to. Also, if you drink caffeine at all that could have adverse effects on your skin. Furthermore, sun exposure and sometimes intense workouts can produce stress-like hormones, which can
    10. Your skin is lookin' great darling!!! Keep up the good work! You should check out my new pics I just posted and lemme know what you think! <3
    11. Oh, and for those of you who want reference to how bad my acne was before, or how dark the scarring was just look at previous posts....I just glanced at it...and it made me so happy. You never realize your skin is making progress until you look at before and after photos. Goodness, we are all TOO CRITICAL OF OURSELVES!
    12. Alright, here are some pictures for an update. Current regimen: Cleanse with Hemp Hemp Hooray Cleanser, adding baking soda every few days for exfoliation. Spritz with Neem-leaf extract. Moisturize with Hemp Hemp Hooray Skin Soother. Apply Tamanu Oil to actives/scars. I am pretty much all clear, I have like two actives :'(. The main annoyance is scarring...it's such a B****!!!! I really have only been cleansing once a day after work...hmmm, we'll see how it goes! Bla