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  1. A dermatologist made me a 30% tca peel almost to entire face. The area started to dry after 4 days and after like two and a half week it was completely peeled. (I started to take roacuttan (accutane) few days after the dry skin was peeled.) But now after a month the peeled area is still red! I was going to call the derm who made me the peel but hes on holiday, and now sure if hes abroad. So when is the rednes going to go away?
  2. Hi! Im leaving to india in 3 weeks and i need to get mederma or contractubex before that! I live in Finland, and they dont sell neither in here. Iv tried skinstore.com ...had proplems whit visa dermstore.com doesnt work med shop express ..didnt exept my cvv for some reason so if you any more reliable net stores please post here! Thanks!
  3. I have some proplems ordering from skinstore.com , can you tell me different net stores, where i could order mederma? I live in Europe so i need international shipping Thanks!
  4. I had mild acne on my back for about 5 years.. i didnt care about it much, so i slept on my back etc. After It was over i found out that i have 10 larger raised scars, mostly on my left upper back. Im hoping that contractubex (mederma) will make them smoother and flatten them, and i think its working.. But couple a days ago i discoverd that if a stretch my arm, small round scars apear.. when my arm isnt stretched, most of these small scars are invisible or slitly raised.. the proplem is that
  5. Stevesowonderful


  6. Has anyone tryet carnosin taken orally, to treat raised scars?
  7. Well, they are small hypertrofic/raised scar.. diameter about 1mm-3mm What is electucautery...... some sort of a peel?
  8. What can be done to this type of scar? They are all over my back! They are 1-3 years old.
  9. So can i use Contractubex (mederma+hebsomething) under scar sheet?
  10. I live in Finland and they dont sell mederma here, or "contratubex", or what ever the european version's name was, so i need help.. i tried to contact the company but they didnt answer.. So please tell me how to order merderma!!! + does anyone know can i use peel, to some very small raised scars on my back..? 2mm diameter
  11. My back is filled whit small about 2-3mm size raised round scars. When I streach my skin, move my arm or so, they became EXTREAMLY visible. Is there any peal or something for this type of scars? I also have 7 bigger round/raised scars, 0.5mm + 2 really big scars, one of them, 1,5cm round raised badly.. Help my please!! I can give more info if needed!