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  1. Hi, I need help....DESPERATELY!!! I tried a paleo-ish diet for a few months and didn't overly do anything for me - I was eating sweet potato and houmous though, I'm really underweight so I need the extra calories. I think red meat also breaks me out and after having a kinesiology allergy testing the other week I found out I'm intolerant to pork, coconut milk (so I've cut out coconut oil and flakes as I'm not sure on that), almonds and walnuts so I feel pretty screwed!!!! I'm trying to do a ca
  2. Hi, Just thought I'd give an update that I had the two worst cysts injected on Tuesday. My GP is a dermatologist which is kinda lucky I guess. I think they might have gone down a little but not much yet. Apparently it can take a couple of weeks. I'm going to see a guy tomorrow who's kind of like a health Guru I think, he's meant to be one of the top ones. He has a website, if you just google Steven Kippax. Really really want to clear this off my face as holisticly as possible. I'm fed up of al
  3. Forgot to actually answer your question Kyle H, apart from BP I've also used several other things over the years. The last one was azelaic acid, I think it kind of helped for a certain amount of time but made my skin even oiler. It was ridiculous!!
  4. Kyle H - We pretty are much in the same boat. I was on the regimen a couple of months back but I think that's what made my cystic acne really bad, and the dryness was almost making me more paranoid than the acne itself!!! I've never really heard about Aloe Vera being really drying. It took several weeks for my skin to recover from the peeling from the BP but now I've pretty much gone back to extremely oily so I've not really experience dryness from it. I also managed to get impetigo a couple
  5. Hi, I've always suffered with acne as far as I can remember but I guess it was always mild to moderate. However, the past 4 months my skin is just getting worse and worse. I have lot's of cysts along my jawline and they don't ever seem to disappear. The first one that came up is the one by my ear and that was probably over 3 months ago and it's still there. I'm now getting them on my cheeks too. I have acne pretty much all over my face though. For just over a month now I've been trying to do a
  6. I'm praying that someone can help me. I've always suffered with acne as far as I can remember (I'm 26 now), but it was always mild to moderate with the occasional cyst. I've been on various birth control pills, antibiotics, topical creams etc... Last October I went on Lymecycline as it was flaring up a bit again and within a month I was getting clearer and clearer, however I was only clear for about a month and while I was still on it it suddenly got worse again! I stopped taking mid February,
  7. I stopped the regimen last night after three and a half weeks. I coulndn't take the flakiness, i think it made me more paranoid to the acne! I've also had a massive cystic outbreak. I have several active cysts at the moment but i can count about 22 including all the ones that are drying up. I cry about 5 times a day about it. For me bp didn't work and i wasn't willing to give it any longer with all that flakiness. I looked like a freak show! I sure my skin looks the tiniest bit better from not a
  8. So do i. One pump morning and night. How i'm going to get up to 3 i don't know. Maybe this just isn't for me. I don't know what else to try!
  9. My skin is so dry though still,is yours not?
  10. Do you not get dry skin. 3 pumps is what it says on the regimen though? And also states you can keep applying it as much as needed. I'm so confused?
  11. I use 3 pumps as suggested, which is alot and takes 20mins or so to absorb but thats how much it says to use ( i have fair skin, don't know if that makes a difference, are you fair skinned?
  12. So i've been on the regimen for 3 weeks now, a week and a half using my own products while i was waiting for the acne.org products to arrive. The small blackhead/bumps seem to be disappearing but my cystic acne has got worse! Anyway, does anyone else feel like they look like they should be in an episode of the simpsons? My face is so yellow from the acne.org moisturiser and doesn't seem to be helping the dryness that much, started adding jojoba oil the past few days but that doesn't seem to be d
  13. Hi. Please can someone help! I'm nearly 3 weeks into the regimen and although some of tiny bumps seemed to have disappeared i'm sure my cystic acne is getting worse. Some of them are about 2-3 cm in diameter! Also the flakiness is still ridiculous, i'm using just one pump morning and night, how i'm going to get up to 3 pumps i don't know! Haven't really experimented with jojoba oil yet. Can i put this on before the bp? Help! (
  14. Hi, I've just been reading the reviews on Bare Minerals and I have to say I was a little shocked!!! I've been using this make up for a year now and it was the same time as I came off the pill altogether. So when I broke out I assumed it was to do with the pill. In the last year my skin flared up and down with mild/mod acne. It then got quite bad in Oct last year so went on Lymecycline which cleared me up but came back worse in January like I've never had it before:( (although towards the end I