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  1. sorry i dont know the answer but i wana know tho as am goin on holiday on fri and will b out in the sun alot most probably. i use bp only at night time so in the day as long as i use a high factor i shud b ok yeh??
  2. im using the eucerin one and i think its great! makes my skin feel really smooth and generally is working well with the bp gel and my face is def clearing up. iv not used the neutrogena stuff tho so have no clue wot that is like.
  3. whats emu oil and where can i get it from? im in england hope they sell it here!
  4. iv been on the regimen for over 2weeks now and had all the flakeys etc the 1st few days but got that under control. just got my eucerin alpha hydroxy stuff in the post and used that and my skin was starting to look much better! picked a spot tho and now where the spot was is a massive red dry skin patch and its sooo sore!. no amount of moisturiser is making it get any softer. its just a patch of really dry skin and i want it to go away!! is there anything i can put on it to make it go away? am g
  5. im using 2.5% and ppl on here say thats better than the others. doctors recomend start on 2.5 then after a certain time increase to 5% then 10% depending on how bad it is and if there are no improvements. iv only been on it a week so cant say that much about it at the mo gona give it a few months tho and see what happens.
  6. whats wrong with panoxyl?? im using that and it seems ok to me have only been using it a week though.
  7. how much is alot then? i think i use quite a lot but by the sounds of it u lot are using way more! does it just depend on how bad ur skin is?
  8. well been on the regimen for just over a wekk now and the flakiness has pretty much gone altho my face stil gets dry so am using a moisturiser the doctor prescribed me ages ago for my dry skin until my eucerin renewal stuff gets here. i stil dont understand how putting the cream on takes some of u like 40 mins?? its only takes me about 2! im not putting too much on im gona build it up as i go on as dont wana risk the dry flakes coming back. should settle down tho within a few weeks from what i
  9. calm down. dont have time to read through every old post! anyway most of the people on here seem friendly enough and are nice enough to take the time to answer my quetion properly!
  10. i was on diane 35 or dianette as its called here and it does work u just have to be patient. after 3months u will see a difference . i was on it for a year and a half and it totally cleared my skin up it was amazing! however... came off it in january as u shudnt b on it for too long as it can cause thrombosis. other pills r ok but diane 35 is different so came off it and skin got worse again after 6months. duno if this happens with everyone but it did with me so wasnt happy.
  11. how does taking 20 tablets of any type of vitamin help u?? surely thats abit extreme? im also on tetracycline but this is the 1st iv heard about this B5 stuff.
  12. ok thanks! hope ur right! will see how i get on over the next few weeks!
  13. just under a week. am only gona put the bp gel on at night as its drying my face up too much in the day. im hoping itl go away. thought it was doing loadsa the 1st few days but noe i think my skin has got worse