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  1. bpeyton3

    Desperate For Help

    Thank you so much, Pheisty! I guess I'll try to get my hormones tested then. And I've taken probiotics consistently for a long time, never helped my acne at all but I try to take them when I can now just because they are good for you.
  2. bpeyton3

    Desperate For Help

    BUMP. Anyone?
  3. bpeyton3

    Desperate For Help

    The multivitamin I took only seemed to make me have whiteheads and oily skin. I'll start fasting on veggies and fruits. I really don't think the yogurt masks will really help but I can give it a try... I'm really looking for what could be the cause more than anything.
  4. bpeyton3

    Desperate For Help

    Hi everyone! So I've been lurking acne.org for about two years now and this is my first time posting. I'm very desperate to find a solution to my chronic moderate cystic acne issue. Sorry this is so long but I really would love some advice! Ok so here it goes: I'm currently almost 20 years old and throughout my teenage years I suffered from a little bit of acne that healed very quickly and it started to get better as I got older. Never ever washed my face. But silly me before college decided I