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  1. I'm sure it's gone now, since this was months ago. haha. But you are adorable
  2. Does anyone think that getting a tattoo would make my acne worse? (Tattoo on my body, acne on face.) I just don't know if the ink will get into my bloodstream and somehow irritate my skin...?
  3. Have you tried lemon juice? That helps to fade the marks but make sure you moisturize after because it dries your skin out. Also, if you get a good tan, it helps to make them not so noticeable...
  4. It looks like the marks you have now are scars that will fade. A friend of mine uses ScarZone and loves the way it works. I, personally, have used Organic Unrefined coconut oil and jojoba oil on my scars and it has helped. Also, Manuka honey mixed with one of the above oils at night time
  5. Your acne is very mild. It looks like mostly just flat, red marks, to me? I do use Acanya Gel just once at night and then lotion during the daytime. Check out the diet on the following website. It's the one I use to eat mostly. Although now, I have started drinking Amasai in addition to that. Check out: http://www.knowthecause.com/FindInformation/tabid/82/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/316/What-foods-are-allowed-on-the-Phase-One-Diet.aspx I'm a Nutritional Consultant so if you wa
  6. Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I have decided that 2012 WILL be the year that I GET CLEAR SKIN. I am leaving myself with NO other option. Does anyone want to do this with me for support? Haha. I feel like right now I am on the right path, I just hope it continues. Right now, I am using Acanya Gel from my dermatologist, eating really healthy (no grains, sugar, only grass fed, organic meats, and cultured organic dairy, organic vegetables and some fruits), I'm also doing a liver cleanse and
  7. It should go away in time. Your skin looks pretty much perfect.
  8. Sometimes the oil from your skin just smells a bit odd. The rubbing of your skin releases that oil and makes it come off on your fingers.
  9. Okay, I would be HAPPY if my skin looked like that... honestly. It looks like a tiny bit of redness and a few clogged pores.
  10. I have acne like this sometimes, but its mostly just whiteheads that never surface. I think acne right here is hormonal, but I'm not positive. I would make sure that the chicken you eat is organic (otherwise, it's got a lot of hormones in it). Also, be careful about consuming a lot of refined sugars...
  11. Sorry, but acne is not always caused my an allergic reaction to any food. Acne is caused by bacteria, hormones, excess oil, clogged pores, makeup, the list goes on and on. There is no ONE cause for acne. I would tell you, however, that most over the counter products to NOT work. They're all the same and worth little (at least to me they were...) Right now I am on acanya gel from my derm and it's work great. But for moderate (or mild) acne that you have, I would just change my diet and supple
  12. I would just stick with what you're doing. Accutane doesn't always work, sometimes it even makes the skin WORSE. I, personally, have always been just too scared to risk getting all those terrible side effects. And since NOTHING else worked completely for me, I have little hope that accutane would anyway. I like to keep it natural as much as possible..