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  1. I was wondering how much baking soda should I mix in with the water to create a good paste? Also, how many times should I apply BS and ACV on my face a day? Twice, or is one good enough? Thanks.
  2. Another quick question, is 20 minutes too long to allow the vinegar to dry?
  3. I've been drinking lemon water everyday and applying vinegar twice a day for about two months. I haven't noticed significant improvement. I'm thinking of switching to something else. I do have one question though on the ACV method, am I suppose to wash off the vinegar after it's been applied? For those who are curious, here is my regimen: Wash face with cetaphil face soap. Wait a couple of minutes then apply vinegar with a cotton ball. About 20 minutes later I use BP gel and five minutes l
  4. Sounds good. I think I might give it a try myself. How long have you been using baking soda?
  5. Thanks. I think I agree with you. I just wanted to check with others because I've read some horror stories of people who missed a night and ended up breaking out.
  6. Hi, I am currently not at my own home and I forgot to pack my acne supplies. I usually use Dan's BP Gel. Would it do great harm if I use the Clearsil 5%BP that is currently available to me or should I just wait until I get home the next morning? Thanks.
  7. You say use acv after bp. The link you provided suggest acv before bp. Which is correct? Also it is recommended eight glasses of lemon water throughout the day. Could I try to do it in one sitting and get it over with? Or is that not effective? Either way, it sounds like a huge pain in the ass but I will give it a shot. Thanks for all your help Pika.
  8. What's acv? Where in the regimen should I apply it?
  9. Hi, I think I'm starting to clear up with the regimen but my skin still looks shitty because I got dark red spots everywhere from former acne scars. I've heard that I should wait for my face to become clear before I try anything to reduce these red spots but boy, I'm not sure if I will ever be completely clear. Is there anything I can use that will compliment the regimen and also help reduce red marks? Also is it true that BP reduces the fade away time of red marks? Thanks people!
  10. I'm about my fifth or sixth week on the regimen and I've experienced a breakout. I've notice steady improvement but the last few days have not been good. I haven't changed anything in the regimen nor have I had any significant changes in diet and stress level. So is this breakout at this point to be expected? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I use Neutrogena Moisturizer with SPF 15 after I apply BP. After the BP, my skin is pretty dry but my red marks have kind of a faded look. However, as soon as I apply the moisturizer, my red marks become remarkably noticeable. Is this a problem with the brand I'm using or are all moisturizers going to lead to this? Thanks.
  12. I also became disillusioned with proactiv and switched over to the regimen. Apparently the sulpher mask is a decent product and the repairing lotion is good too because it contains 2.5% BP. Does anyone know if we should use the sulpher mask with the regimen?