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  1. that's not too bad man at all ... i have sorta the same but around mouth zinc works for a lot of people + vitamin c and l lycine
  2. when i never had acne, I never washed ... but when I got some due to stress I started washing with a cleanser and then moisturising, since then it's never really gone. I am thinking of not washing but just moisturising. My question is if I apply moisturiser daily at night, do I have to wash it off ... can you moisturise daily in a cycle without washing? if that makes sense Thanks in advance i'm greatful for anyone's input. My skin is always very dry btw. I'm sure this is caused by the
  3. ok, I will go out .. I agree it is good to go out!!

    1. come on, go out as much as possible, it will improve your skin :] fresh air

      1. good point, but I haven't been out for a while. . but I have some decent sunscreen, it's just very hard to wash off lol

        1. Do you wear sunscreen? I think you should wear it in this case, and avoid hot, spicy food, saunas.

          1. I haven't booked one yet, but it seems the sun is a trigger. .. so a sun hat it is then lol as uncool as that looks

            I doubt you have it though, as a lot of accutane users have reported redness

            1. Thank you and I'm pretty sure I have Rosacea as well . When are you seeing the doc.?

              1. not sure it is acne anymore, I think it could possibly be rosacea

                really not sure but will see three doctor soon.

                anyway I saw a photo of you on the forums, you look good.

                1. I can understand you, I'm pretty much similar, but just think of it..new life, new opportunities, new friends. Don't let some stupid acne to take them away from you. Especially if you are going to study something you are passionate about :]

                  1. i am looking forward to it sort of, but also dreading it. .. I don't look good lol and at the moment my social skills are dead

                    1. That is so great, I told you it's going to get better :] you see.

                      I guess you are excited about the university!

                      1. I'm feeling more positive. . I'm going in September. . glad to hear your ok :-D

                        1. Hey... I'm ok, :]

                          what about you? are you any better? When are you going to university?

                          1. hey, in the second pic what is that beside the mouth? I have something vaguely similar. .. like a red mark