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  1. So the redness could be due to the accutane itself? I probably underestimate the effects of accutane as I really have no side effects other than dry lips. I asked my derm and he said that it will fade eventually and when I'm middle aged you wouldn't be able to tell that I even had any acne at all. This isn't good enough for me as I'm 18 and want to look good when going out. I mention it to friends and family and they said they don't even notice it but I still feel self conscious when going out
  2. Hi guys hope you're well, Firstly my friends have been complimenting on how good my skin is simply because my entire face was covered in bad acne as a teenager which has calmed down a lot over the last 2 years, I'm pretty much spot free. But my cheeks are REALLY getting me down. I have these red marks that have been here for about a year now. I have to say I haven't actually done anything at all about it as I don't really know what type of scars they are and what the best thing to do is! I'm
  3. mines quite similar as this but not as extreme. I'm currently on my 2nd course of accutane - 40mg but its really the scars that are getting me down. Let me know if you have any success. I currently just wash with water, drink lots of water and eat well as my regime
  4. Hey Nicole, glad to hear your skin is clear and Accutane is working well! I had a course of Accutane last year which worked wonders but sadly the acne came back. I am currently on my second course 5th day. I had no side effects other than dry lips on the first course but this time round its a whole new experience. I have been feeling quite strange and behaving it to. My friends have also noticed this. Its quite hard to explain but I am fearless; chatting up any women without any embarrassment or
  5. Hi all, thought I would do a blog of how my second accutane treatment goes, just to help any other people in the same situation or considering a second course. My first course worked very well, but unfortunately I began to get the acne back again a couple of months after. I had to wait for a second course (6 months) my appointment was a couple of days ago. My acne was under control for the appointment but the problem is I have very bad cheek scarring for previous acne. I am on day 4 of my accuta
  6. I understand, once again thanks for the feedback. I have already started accutane - I do get a few spots here and there but nothing too serious just normal teenage spots - the problem is I used to get it really bad so that's why I have so many scars on my cheeks. The derm told me that while being on accutane it gives the scarring time to heal as if I get spots in that area it will just start the whole process again. I do completely agree with you, but I had to wait 6 months to have an appointmen
  7. hi all thanks for the comments. I have maybe 2 of more spots each week which is nothing, it is mostly bad hyperpigmentation. My cheeks are exceedingly red and blotchy. She is putting me on the accutane just for scarring pretty much. I am currently getting the initial breakout which is awful ..
  8. Hi all, I was just hoping any of you could help me. I am very happy with my skin in the sense I rarely get a spot anymore however - I have really bad scarring on my cheeks. It is very red and discoloured from the rest of my skin which is flawless. It is only on my cheeks and when people talk to me I can see they look straight to it. I would say I am a relitively good looking guy and girls find me attractive , it is just these really bad scars which are making me feel shit and shy. Description -
  9. Hi, I'm a 16 year old male, have moderately severe acne all around my face (mostly the beard and cheek area) It's my 7th day being on the drug and I'm having a lot of problems. The first 3-4 days I had an extremely dry skin which has now stopped which I thought was bad, until the 5th day where I woke up with 35 painful white heads above my lips and around my mouth YES 35!! I decided to pop them all with a sterilized needle which subsided the pain a little, but the following morning I woke up wi