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  1. Meow cosmetics is good I actually use that right now..I just don't enjoy how drying it is. I use the pampered puss formula because the heaviest formula they carry looks too cakey and dry. The mineral brand I use now instead has a semi matte finish which doesn't make my skin look dried out. And the best part is there's only three ingredients in it! Mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxides. The brand is called caren minerals. You can either order from their website or from amazon. And they offer sam
  2. I can recommend an amazing makeup line that causes no breakouts for you ! Wearing the right kind of makeup definitely will help. What types of products are you using on your skin? Also did you experience any weight issues with this pill? Desogen actually made me loose weight so I'm worried about that
  3. I'm pretty amped to try it. How's your skin doing on it right now?
  4. Just visited planned parenthood today. I've been on desogen for awhile and it has helped dramatically but I still break out. I figured I'd give demulen/zovia a try. Anyone here take it and had success with their skin?
  5. I feel your pain. Except my issues are reversed. I went on Spiro feeling totally normal and as soon as being on it I developed severe anxiety and panic disorder . I was in and out of the hospital a lot because I felt like I was dying. Soon as I got off I felt right in the head again. No anxiety. It was a miracle. Spiro cleared me but I still have nightmares from what I endured. Which is why I can't try Yasmin because the progesterone in it is identical in composition to Spiro. Drospirenone is a
  6. Hi there! Hope I can help you out a little bit. 3 months isn't enough time in my opinion. I've been taking a pill called desogen and it took close to six months to really see results. I would try and hit the five month mark on ortho cyclen before switching. If you can't get Spiro i would go for Yasmin. Diane has terrible side effects from what I've heard. Keep in mind that the progestin in Yasmin has similar effects to spiro. If I were you if ortho cyclen doesn't work switch to Yasmin and add in
  7. Spiro was the worst thing that ever happened to my body. People on this board who take the drug and have no side effects should consider themselves lucky. I was 105 when I started Spiro and I have been skinny my whole life. Few months later I skyrocketed to 125. I looked horribly SWOLLEN and people were literally asking me if I was okay. It took over a year for the weight to come off. I think going on the pill actually helped the weight loss. I am now down to 109 pounds..thank god..I mean the Sp
  8. If anyone else has any experience with ortho cyclen please feel free to share!
  9. Well today is my appointment! I'm going to ask about ortho cyclen and see what my doctor says. She's really great I like her a lot so hopefully she'll be able to give me some insight. I'll post back with some news soon
  10. Thanks for the reply (: how long did you stay on desogen before switching to zovia? How's zovia working for you so far?
  11. The first bcp I've ever tried for my acne was ortho novum but the type of progestin in it didn't do anything for my skin. So my doc switched me to desogen because she raved about the type of progestin in it being very low in androgen potency. So I started and I've been on it for about six months. I take the generic for desogen which is apri. My skin has cleared quite a bit but its still not 100%. My face is still red and a little oily, and the whiteheads won't go away. I also get small red bumps
  12. I would recommend either ortho cyclen desogen or femcon for acne issues. Those are widely used for acne. I would definitely discontinue the one your taking it probably won't get better. Not if your skin is getting as bad as it is. Try desogen! I've heard so many countless reviews on how its great for skin! Don't give up on the pill because the pill saved my skin.
  13. She should see a naturopath and try natural bio identical progesterone and estrogen cream. There are also herbals she can take the naturopath can prescribe.
  14. Low ogestrel is not good for acne at all. Neither is lutera. The progestins in both are very androgenic. Not a good choice if your worried about acne.
  15. Did you end up switching pills or sticking it out?