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  1. I broke up with my ex boyfriend this past March, so when I ran out of pills I just took the month of April off them out of laziness. Going off of Brevicon, I noticed zero difference in my skin it was just as clear as always. However I started back up in May and within 3 weeks my face exploded! My usual problem areas (forehead, nose, cheeks) have stayed pretty clear,but I've been getting these nasty breakouts around my lower jaw and chin which is the tell tale sign of a hormonal issue. I was hopi
  2. every year when it starts to get cold my skin gets pissed off and rosy and just not cooperative with makeup or anything really. does this happen to anyone else? it's so weird and it hate it!
  3. Haha I've seen my mom vigorously scrub my little brothers face with a washcloth and it made me cringe inside.
  4. i am sitting here contemplating breaking off plans with a new friend i just met typing with one hand and icing one of the more comical pimples i have ever had with the othe. seriously it looks like someone shoved a pea right up under my skin it sticks out so far!!!! and it hurts and I'm a pale person so its got a nice purpley red color going on. my guess is it will take at least a week to flatten out and heal and then i'll have a nice scar for god knows how long. sorry i am just pissed right now
  5. Do you mean the way your hair is cut is breaking you out or the products they used at the salon? I've had both bad haircuts and breakouts and yea it feels like sheet I'm sorry that your feeling crappy. Just try to find something to do so you don't stress over it anymore than you already have.
  6. Yea same thing here. I was supposed to go out with my friends but cancelled last night because right now it's so bad I wouldn't even know where to begin if I tried to put makeup on of whatever. It's a beautiful day outside and I feel like an idiot for lying to my friends about not being able to go. But even if I did go I wouldn't be enjoying myself I would just think about my skin and how gross everyone else thinks it is. Soooooo stupid.
  7. I'm so sick of this bs I am a good looking girl why do these little mofos have to come and ugly up my face I would be such a babe if it weren't for my skin. Since this past winter it's been so bad and now it's migrating and it never used to seem so damn red. I am very clean I eat right workout everyday use good products that I know aren't causing it. There is some unavoidable stress in my life but I've had better skin when I was more stressed before so I don't even know. Sorry for my anger I mis
  8. First thing I noticed was you're a good looking dude...just sayin
  9. oh man there's so many. in 7th grade these to girls told me i should test different acne products for my science project. one time a little girl said, "you have so many mosquito bites" once i went to get my eyebrows waxed and the asian lady says "ohhh lot of pimple" i think the worst was this girl i used to be friends with told me i shouldn't bother putting on makeup because you can see all my acne underneath it anyway. people are just dumb as hell.
  10. i'm gonna rampage this town with a baseball bat! not really...but i hate how everywhere i go somebody has to do a double take on my face. im just trying to do my everyday sh*t and ill catch some stranger staring at it on my cheeks with the same stupid look on his/her face. it's like yeah i have bad skin, can't do much about it, if i could it wouldn't be bad, so stop f*cking looking at me!!!!! it makes me want to go home and never come out ever again! sorry for my shallow mood, but im a good loo