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  1. Hey don't feel bad there are allot of people out there with acne.And your parents probably won't get you laser treatment because it cost allot.Most times you have to get it at least 3 times to see results.And its about 300 bucks assuming you have insurance.Do you have that kind of money for that?And just have some self confidence and focus on other things that you do like about yourself like hair,slim figure,personality.And don't feel like it is your fault.I believe that acne is caused by a gene
  2. caramel87

    Acne Scars

    Ok I'm so glad I found this site where I can get some tips and advice on skin problems from people who have actually had skin problems.First of all I am a young adult and I suffer from acne scars.I tried everything.I even tried chemical peels and this helped but didn't make everything go completely away.However I don't have a single pimple on my face anymore.The only way I managed to get rid of all the pimples was to stop eating dairy products.I read somewhere that some people are unknowingly a