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  1. Turmeric has helped me incredibly! It's maintained my skin clear … right now I’m currently using it to get rid of my PIH marks once and for all!!! Talk about killing two birds with one stone
  2. Couldn't tell you personally since I've never tried it myself... however I heard that lemon does irritate the skin a little on certain ppl... You could still try it out tho to see if ur skin can handle it?? Good luck!
  3. 8months is pretty old... Yeah I think that they should have faded some by fall... I'm not saying completely but there shoulf be a difference. U should keep a weekly picture diary to see ur progress and to use as motivation :) and your dead on about the BP -_____-
  4. Im almost 99% sure that it won't clog you if it's natural vit e. oil ( d alpha tocopherol acetate NOT dL alpha tocopherol acetate). I've been using it since like December and I'e never had a problem with it. I personally don't wash it off... I kinda just let it rub off on it's own when I go to sleep (I apply the vit. e at night) As for helping indented scars... I'm not certain with that... I do however remember my mother applying it to my right cheek to help get rid of a chicken pox scar I ha
  5. logically the older your PIH marks, the longer they will take to show improvement :/
  6. Congrats Vince!! So you have personally seen how it's healed some of ur acne??? well mine haven't faded completely but there getting there. I started using the paste since feb. hopefully I'll be clear by fall... yeah BP does worsen PIH marks. I was desperate to find a good cleanser that i could use to replace the proactive one which i was using to simply wash my face. luckily i bought the cetaphil soap and the transistion was a success!! nvr going back to BP!!!
  7. i tried drinking it with water and the taste was really strong .. but i tried it with milk and it was way better
  8. Oh that pretty much sums up my life story. What I love about me the most is that I'm not like most girls i know... and i like knowing that :)
  9. I personally have never taken them. Im assuming tho that u are scared to apply it to your face when u say that u have sensitive skin... u can always just drink that actuall powder itself with some milk
  10. perhaps? but that stains are way harder to get out if left on for too long
  11. i leave it on for 15 minutes. u could do it for 10min and see how that goes
  12. I don't dry my face at all. I just let it soak up that water that's left on. It's quite nice and refreshing.. even tho it might take a minute or two to fully seep in ^.^
  13. i think if you know that dairy causes you breakouts then that could be your trigger food... plus if your allergic then obviously stay away.. i personally know that dairy won't break me out since i eat it everyday, 2-3 per day...