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  1. Yayyyy!!! Sooo happy for you...And I really do hope you keep sharing! Loved following you!
  2. Huge improvement! I think you're well on your way now!
  3. I've been following you the whole way. Your skin looks fantastic, so happy for you!!
  4. I went to Dr. Novick and I'm one of the very few that had bad experience with him. I found him actually to be quite arrogant. He loves to go on about himself. I went for a skin cancer screen check and to talk abt my acne scarring. I had a red patch on my forehead that I had cryosurgery on a few months before but never seemed to heal. I asked him abt it and he said its nothing, you need to be patient and let it heal. I told him that I had been doing that for months, and he said it was n
  5. Scully, Don't be down...I see huge improvement!
  6. Hi Ice, I completely understand what you're going through. I can look in a mirror and cry my eyes out for hours, I can't stand having anything on my face. Its so hard when you don't see improvement. You don't sound ungrateful at all, its just so extremely hard emotionally. I'm so happy Tracy messaged you. She knows so much about the skin and procedures. She has helped me through so many bad times with my skin, she's the best! I'm sure she's going to help you find an answer!
  7. Hi Ice, I asked my friend Tracy to comment bc I have no idea abt fillers. Tracy is the best and has helped me through so many skin issues. I'm also sure she won't mind if you have more questions. She has vast knowledge on everything skin. I hound her all the time lol. Hope you're doing ok!
  8. Hi Ice... Ahh ok, I get you now. A few times I've had a shot where instead of flattening it would come to a head. The head would be so big I would just squeeze and all the pus would come out. Mine were always "liquid" and not a hard substance. The first time that happened I was nervous bc I could tell that the cortisone was coming out too and I was nervous it wouldn't go flat but it did. I did not get atrophy from those. My discoloration wld always last longer than the atrophy. So my s
  9. Ice, I'm not sick of you at all. I completely understand what you're going through. Its so emotionally draining and upsetting... I'm not sure by what you mean by "come out" from the cortisone shots. 95% of my cysts wld just flatten. When I got atrophy they wld just sink in..i wld describe it as if someone pushed an eraser head into your skin, and the dent just stayed..if that makes any sense lol. Most of mine wld fill in after 4 months. The only one that took forever was the one on my b
  10. Hi Ice..Don't be sorry..I know exactly how you feel. It's just so hard dealing with this crap. Even more frustrating when a derm caused it. Whenever I did get atrophy I would always get the greyish hue to it. I think I once read that that's the cortisone staining the skin, but I'm not completely sure. Out of the all the shots I go thru the years, I only have 1 spot on the cheek that I can feel a slight indent. I believe it was the derms fault. He had drained the cyst first and then he
  11. Awww ice...don't be sorry!! You can ask as many questions as you want. Believe me I completely understand what you're going through. It's so hard dealing with something on your face. As I said I've had so many cortisone shots thru the years..probably a couple hundred, no lie. So I've had so many different outcomes. I think I know what you're describing. I've had a few where I could see the hole where the needle went in, and it would be so indented right at that spot, it wld have a scar l
  12. Hi Ice, I've had some resolve in 2 months, but I had one on my back which lasted a year, no lie. Thank god it was on my back bc it was REALLY big..I'm talking size of a lime. If it had been on my face I wld've had a complete nervous breakdown. I thought for sure there wld be no way it wld ever fill in, but it slowly did. I stopped looking at it everyday after about 6 months. Then every cpl of months I'd check and I noticed it was getting a little bit better. At the year mark I went to loo
  13. I never did anything to speed up the process, there was a couple times I wanted to, but always got too scared, thinking if I messed with it, it would get worse. If the cyst was small I doubt it was the cyst that caused the atrophy. I really believe its the shot, derms can never seem to admit to doing something wrong, it's so frustrating! There is an older thread on here called..You want to see Atrophy? I'll show you Atrophy...it was started by a girl named ughhhhh...She had massive atrophy
  14. Hi Ice, I've had probably sooo many cortisone shots through the years. I've had atrophy a few times. The dent has always filled in, and yes it can take a long time. Time is the thing that worked for me. I know it totally sucks, hard to live with. If you google atrophy from cortisone shots, you will see that rarely they don't fill in, most do. I know people on here have gotten saline shots to speed up the healing recovery, some with success, some not. I have never done that. I really
  15. Years ago I went in the post office to buy some stamps. When I was buying them the lady behind the counter said.."Oh my, your skin...You need to have that checked out by a dermatologist." I was like "Yeah I do that already" ... I wanted to break down in tears. I also just couldn't believe she said something to me, I found it so mean. I would never say something like that to somebody. Meanwhile she had a full blown moustache..If I was the person I am today I wld've said to her..."Well perh
  16. I was never on prednisone for long periods of time, but was on it several times. I would go in for cortisone shots and one day my derm said instead of giving you a shot, I'm going to give you prednisone for 4 days. It was when I had a particular bad breakout It wld always go 60, 40, 20, 10mg for the 4 days. It was like a miracle. She would only give it to me if I had a really bad breakout. Also when I went on vacation I wld BEG for it in case of a breakout. It was cool bc if I didn't use
  17. I use the pm lotion, just bc it feels lightweight. I hadn't moisturized for years and years bc it seemed I wld break out while using. My derm recommended the cerave lotion and I was pleasantly surprised.
  18. I personally like cerave bc it has never broken me out, and I like the feeling of it. I have never tried the cetaphil tho.
  19. I'm not a huge fan of Dr. Novick either. I went to him for scars, and a full body check. Besides scars on my face I had a rash about a nickel sized that simply wldnt go away. When I got there we ended up on focusing on suspicious moles. I had 4 removed at 350$ each, yes you read that right. I showed him the spot on my forehead, which I had cryosurgery on 10 months prior and he told me it was just healing, and that it was fine. I also had a clogged pore right on my lip line that was noticea
  20. If it's hormonal, Have you tried spironolactone? It has worked wonders for me. It took quite awhile to kick in, but I do not break out anymore. It's been a lifesaver for me.
  21. Hi, All my problems are fixed except one. When I go to the new content section and at the bottom of the page it says load more activity, when I try to it just reloads that page, I can't see earlier posts... Ty for always taking the time to look into things and fixing! Much appreciated!