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    I am using Finacea and it's amazing! At first I was using it once a day and it wasn't great, but now I'm using it twice a day and my skin is great! You must not skip an application though cause you will have a pimple!
  2. careful with that. It is actually very high dosage of vitamin B5 and some people lose their hair because of it.
  3. a few weeks of acne (which you already have anyways) in exchange for a clear skin in the long term. That sounds like a good deal to me. If you do nothing you'll just stay where you are. So these are your choices: try something, or stay the way you are. It's that simple. Stop feeling sorry for your self and act!
  4. OMG I am experiencing the plugs coming out! I also have black heads apearing and when I get them out there is a plug under them! It's working!
  5. What happens if you don't wait 30 minutes after washing your face to put on the tretinoin cream?
  6. catl

    persistant acne

    I don't think you can trest cystic acne with OTC stuff
  7. I used Differin in the past and it did not work for me. Like I said I am now on Tretioin 0.1% and it works great. Your derm seem to suck, how about looking for a new one? I got my tretinoin prescription from a cosmetic center where doctors do acne treatments, surgery, etc... Regular Dr can also prescribe it. Tretinoin will cause more irritation than differin but it doesn't last forever and it works! You have to use it forever though. Accutane works better on males than on females.
  8. To cvd Thank you so much for that tread it helped me a lot
  9. I'am on week... I don't know maybe 5. It did not improve my acne but I still do it for health. Actually my acne did improve but I think it's because of the tretinoid cream I use. This regimen may also help though I don't know. And I'm not gonna change anything to try to figure out what works because it's the first time in 21 years something works so I won't take a chance! lol
  10. catl

    sun causing acne?

    I have the same happening when I vacation in mexico or dominican republic. It's the sweating. Sunscreen is also a problem for me; I noticed I get pimples when I use it even here in Canada, but not as much as when I go to the carabbean. Then I sweat and my face becomes covered with tiny bumps and white heads all over.
  11. I there, I had a derm tell me that my only option was accutane too, but I tried it before and it made me so sick I couldn't get out of the house. I am now on Tretinoine 0.1% and it works. It takes time though. At first I was mixing it with some blender cream that the dr who prescribed the Tretinoine cream also sold me and it didn't work that well. Since I stopped using that and use only the Tretinoid cream it's working much better. Take a look at the topic ''What works and what doesn't'' in
  12. I see you've been on Retin-A. Is it working? The problem with retin-a is it will cause permanent redness, atleast it did to me. Not RED RED but noticable red in bright lights. I've been on it for about two and a half weeks now. I'm going to give it six weeks before I assess how effective it is. I am clearing up acne wise but the red marks from past acne are really bothering me now. And I don't have a red tinge or any redness in my face really (besides the marks). I'm peeling and have lots o
  13. My husband drools all the time and doesn't have acne, and I don't drool but always have acne exactly where you are describing so I don't think it's a problem.
  14. Is your acne related to your menstrual cycle in any way?
  15. Saw palmetto would work against the testosterone your taking to help you fertility. Not a good idea.