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  1. I started since I posted my skin has improved, I just have a little a little bump on my chin from a spot which I suppose was going to come up but just went back down, but apart from that my skin is fine, I use Simple face wash and Olay moisturiser that's it no acne treatment.
  2. Oh right, Tony, do you think I should start from tonight then ?
  3. I use a facial wash, Epiduo (10% benzoyl peroxide) and I fell asleep the other night without applying epiduo, and my face somewhat looked better than it did than with applying it because I applied it and it looked a little irritated.
  4. So i've heard that not using any acne products actually helps to cure it but I'm not sure? so I am posting on here for other people's views on this? Comment please Thanks.
  5. Hello, Johal, It should clear up soon, It gets worst before it gets better, It will eventually dry up the acne, and It will begin to clear I would recommend drinking atleast 8-10 pints of water a day it really clears it up, as it clears the toxins from your body!
  6. Well, It gets worst at first but trust me it's worth it, everything gets worse to get better sorry for the late late reply I haven't been on this. Thanks for the replies!
  7. Well, to be honest, It should take a week or so to kick in and then it will your face will start to clear up quickly!
  8. Hello people on the Acne.org board, I have come to spread some news about how my acne is doing and how you can get rid of white heads and pustules, and other spots/ pimples, so I would recommend reading every part, well, It's up to you if you would like to read my experiences. Okay, so I have/had mild to moderate acne, it wasn't so much acne, it was just mainly white heads, I got them all over my face and I was scared of going to school, I even attempted to get off of school just to not be
  9. Okay, I have been using Epiduo for several months now it has had it's ups and downs, I had mild to moderate acne, around my face, so I went to the doctors about it and they prescribed me to this wonderful stuff. So, 1. Wash your face with water. 2. Dab dry it with a towel. 3. apply pea sized blobs of the stuff around the affected area. 4. Rub it in slowly and carefully, make sure you do it smooth, in a circular motion. 5. Go to sleep and your face will look a little bit
  10. Hello, I am having an Issue with my face at the minute, I have slight acne around the chin and nose, which has nearly gone, I am using a Spot cream which reduces the redness of spots and gets rid of swelling, it has been prescribed by a doctor for me, I'm a teenager so my spelling isn't perfect aha, the spot cream is called Epiduo, it's really good, it has nearly cleared my face from spots, the main problem is it has dryed my skin out too much, i have to pick some of the skin off in the morning