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  1. I am now 2 months into my 2nd course of accutane and was wondering if there is anything that I could safely use while I am going through my course. I have like 3 active spots but my face is covered in red marks (like about 100 in total rough guess) and this gives me a really uneven skin tone. Another thing, almost everywhere on the internet people quote 6 months for getting scar treatment, but I have read in a book that was written by a very reputable dermatologist that you should leave atleast
  2. Yeah the soy protein im using is an isolate and I will be drinking with water so should minimise any problems! I havent started using it yet as it hasnt arrived but I bought mine from myprotein.co.uk hope you find something!
  3. how about soy protein? Im gonna start using it with water but guess you could use it soy milk?
  4. Thank you so much for your input raiderdood!! Thats just the sort of information I was hoping for! You are correct, I have been off accutane for now exactly 1 year so I am fine for treatment. As for the acne.org regimen, It certainly is something I will look at! To be honest my acne is tiny now, just 2 or 3 spots I also recently went off dairy products and I feel that this may have helped but not 100% sure if its a direct reason why it has got better. Your insight into the erbium and fra
  5. I beleive it was fractional, although to be honest Im not 100% sure! I have decided to see what my skin is like after the 3 months on this antibiotic and then get immediately refered to the plastic surgery unit again to see if they can offer something with less downtime. louisun - The way I went about getting my appointment was going to my GP, told her that I was concerned about the future affects the marks would have on my skin, just generally exaggerate your feelings about the acne if req
  6. Thanks for the reply, The difference between me and you is that I am doing this through the NHS so its completely free! So concerning shopping around I am somewhat limited haha. My problem was that the NHS made out as if co2 laser is their only treatment, he hadnt even seen my face yet only brought pictures of laser treatment with him! I would be very interested in trying a somewhat aggressive chemical peel but considering I am not the customer in a sense, even getting any scar treatment on
  7. First of all just like to say hey and what great community this is! After being put on a course of roaccutane my skin changed dramatically and now I am only blighted by the occasional couple of active spots. Now I am in the position were I want to get rid of the nasty scars and discolouration that the acne has left me with so I was refered to the plastic surgery unit (NHS). Immediately he jumped in and showed me month to month of massively offputting photos of a patient that underwent scar t