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  1. hi those of you that have ordered Restylane before, is there a web site that you'd recommend?
  2. If you decide to try iodine I hope it helps you as much as it did me :) keep me updated. from what I hear it's more expensive and harder to find in England :(

    1. Hope your Iodine keeps working for you... if I had any money I would buy some lugols myself, and have been researching the whole iodine thing lately.

      1. that's a bet!

        1. you're on! any time :) I'll bring the hoops

          1. I would so beat you in a hula hoop game :D

            1. A lot of food for thought! I'd agree it's so hard to wade through the ads and testimonials, etc. I haven't heard that before about cocaine and heroin being packaged that way and shipped. I'll have to look up that 60 minutes episode, it would be interesting to watch. It amazes me what people do sometimes. I don't have a science background, but popped in anyway You mentioned concern about iron. Is this something that you feel shouldn't be taken in a supplement in general, or is megadosing
            2. Thank you Jofo, yes some feel it's hazardous, it does concern me and that's part of why I've bought four different kinds of iodine so far. I'm also still reading up on what works best for others. I have the brands Iosol, Atomidine, Liqui-kelp and Lugol's. From what I understand, Kelp types may have problems as well from contaminants and quality control. Lugol's seems to be the most widely used of the four. I've been reading a lot about Magnascent brand iodine. It's more expensive than
            3. I didn't start taking iodine for low thyroid function. I tested as having normal function. Not saying that I'm not low, but if I am then it's marginally. I was curious about iodine after reading theories on Americans, in general, not getting enough Iodine. Then I read about levels of halogens like bromine, chlorine and flouride generally being too high and that we get them from various sources. Iodine can help to remove these from the body. Acne, depression, fatigue, etc. could also
            4. Once you got past the detox phase, how do you feel it's helping you? Well said on supplementation. I think most people are responsible and conscientious about what they put into their bodies and pay attention to what their body needs. I don't think doctors (or anyone) has all the answers, and it's always good to seek information independently and make your own decisions. ewww the salt water does sound repulsive, but if I feel like I'm having detox symptoms I'll definitely try it.
            5. oooh, sounds interesting! How long do you leave it on?
            6. Wonderful I'll check it out. I did a search and didn't find anything similar on here, so I think that will be great.
            7. Pepot, thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful post. If you're up for it, it would be great if you could start a new thread about the possible risks pertaining to Iodine. With such a big and controversial topic it would be great to have a separate place for more information on the possible side effects and risks. It's wonderful to be educated on both sides of the issue.
            8. I'm sorry for your pain I hope you feel better soon. Could what you went through have been bromide detox symptoms? I haven't had luck posting a link on here, but it's on Breastcancerchoices dot org, or you could Google "iodine detox" to see if it matches your experience. Some people have had better luck with Lugol's rather than a kelp supplement. Also, could you be allergic to kelp? That's wonderful you have no acne but I sure hope you get relief from your hypothyroid symptoms. Jus
            9. I'm taking appx 12mg per day of the brand name "Atomidine". It is a liquid. I split it up into two doses as I've found I get the most energy this way. I bought it at a store locally, but I've seen it on Ebay and Amazon. The price is up a bit because everyone is buying it right now, but I'm hoping the price will decrease soon. Some of the improvements I've noticed are a decrease in depression and anxiety, an increase in energy, better sleep and better looking skin I'm really astounded