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  1. I also can't say I know very much about this but I would suspect that it doesn't have to do with your skin regenerating but that the accutane is still in your system and affecting your skin even after you finish taking it.
  2. So my skin has had a few days to heal and I don't think the appearance (my PIH at least) is going to change much so I figured I'd just post pictures today The first 2 are the same as above from after the first peel, just so you all can easily see the comparison without having to scroll back and forth, and the second 2 are from this morning ( a little over a week after second peel) Theres a slight lightening in my PIH but the biggest thing I've noticed this time is my depressed scars are
  3. 1 week update: So it's been a week since I did my 15% TCA peel and my skin is pretty much finished falling off lol. I'll just explain for those interested in doing TCA peels themselves what happened every day. Let me tell you, it was a process! Day 1: In the morning I looked in the mirror and my face didn't look too abnormal, but there was a slight brownish color in patches; mainly on my cheekbones, temples, and either side of my chin below my lips. When I touched it though, it still f
  4. Not trying to sound condescending here but if you did any research on a TCA peels you would know you should never pick at your skin durring the healing process or it could cause scaring or hyperpigmentation; it sounds like you did just that You pick, you suffer the consequences
  5. depends on the strength but at least 2-3 between peels, at least 3 if your doing higher concentrations above 15%
  6. http://www.makeupartistschoice.com/catalog/TCA_Peels-22-1.html This link sends you to all their TCA options, I purchased the 30% kit and in the instructions it tells you how to dilute it to different strengths.
  7. So I just did my second TCA peel at 15% and woah nelly was it intense. At about 2 mins after I began the application of the first layer, my face started to burn and by the 5 minute mark I had to use a small desk fan to cool my face. No frosting had occurred so I decided to apply a second layer (which was even more painful). My face then began to frost on my chin, cheeks, and lower-middle forehead, and I could only tollerate the pain for about 2 minutes after application of the second layer, so I
  8. I had been doing glycolic peels for a few months off and on ranging in concentration of about 20-50 percent which I did not find effective and is why I decided to try TCA This ended up being a good thing because the directions that came with the TCA peel suggested to use a product containing glycolic acid for a few weeks pre TCA in order to "prime your skin" so it could be a reason why I got the results I did with only one TCA The glycolic peels weren't painful at all, just a tingling sensation
  9. Thanks everyone! yes I'm really excited to do my second peel later this week and I'll definitely keep posting any results @Beautiful Day I wanted to start off low to make sure my face could handle it and to be sure I didn't make more of a mess of things. My skin only flaked and not even on my whole face (just my chin, nose, and lower left cheek) but even so I'd say I still saw significant results..no harm in starting slow
  10. Im guessing the skin on your cheek is a lot more sensitive than other areas on your face
  11. Wow that sounds awesome! I'll have to give it a try
  12. Makeupartistschoice.com has a variety of peels to choose from and many people on this site sing their praises. Although, like the previous poster mention, it would be unwise to preform a chemical peel until at least 6 months after you've completed your accutane course, let alone while you're still on it. As I understand it accutane makes your skin very sensitive and increases the likelihood of developing PIH, which would lead me to believe that preforming a chemical peel while taking accutane wo
  13. Well TCA peels are self-neutralizing after 5 or so minutes and therefore don't "technically" need to be neutralized. But in my opinion (and in those sources who advise to neutralize..rhyme not intended lol) it's always better to be safe than sorry especially when it comes to the appearance of your face. So why not just do it and sleep easier at night?
  14. I only used the lightening gel and I didn't care for it. It didn't rub completely into my skin so I could only use it before bed because you can't really apply makeup over it; on top of that it most likely was just rubbing off on my pillow. I used it consistently for 2 months and saw zero improvement. Also it makes your skin extremely sensitive to the sun, and if you do a search of its main ingredient, hydroquinone, you'll find that its a potentially harmful chemical. Do you mean scars a