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  1. well everyone is different, she put me on it for 4 months, but the pharmacy messed up and gave me 2 months extra, so just to be safe im taking one pill once every week to keep it a bay from the extra 2 months they gave me. 4 months was fine for me. on accutane everyone reacts differently. it will work with older skin because it shrinks the oil glands- less oil -less acne, everyone has oil glands young or old.
  2. Congrats to you sir! I just started 40mg/day yesterday.. i hope i am as lucky as you. Sounds like your treatment went very well! thanks, you will do great
  3. ok so i was on 40mgs a day for 4 months, i wanted to clear up my acne because i do some modeling for some surf shops and it was killing my confidence, i had moderate acne and about 4 years and enough was enough,so the 2nd month i started clearing up, 4th month everything was great and still is, not one pimple in about 1 month. my face is so smooth you dont feel even one bump in my skin, its great! hopefully it stays this way! ive had a few stomach aches when on it. but other than that no seriou