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  1. hi everyone! hi the 4 month mark and 120th day yesterday! so started month 5 today! my skin is looking amazing! i wear my hair tied back all the time now without a worry! my skin has not had a single breakout in about a month an a half! its just been clearing more and more! I did get a small pimple on my right cheek on day 119 but wokw up the next day and it had dried out. Its completely disappeared now. really amazing stuff! Can't express just how happy I am! to think in month one i w
  2. CONGRATS DOLL!!! i am so happy for you!
  3. Hi! it also helps to give your hair nutrients in a more direct way to help it stay strong despite all the stress it is under. I have a protein treatment that I do once a week at home. its 2 eggs yolks, 2 table spoons of olive oil and mayonnaise. Mix these together then put the mix in ur hair. Wear a cap and keep it in for an hour and then wash as usual with gentle shampoo and moisturising conditioner designed for dry hair. Your hair will be well nourished and better able to cope with the stress
  4. It the 3 month(90 days) mark 2 days ago! Felt sooo good! Also went for my doctor's appointment! He was really happy with the huge improvement! AT this 3 month point my face was completely clear! no pimple in sight! it felt really good that my face and skin was looking smooth! However, almost on cue, in the late evening i got a pimple on my chin. The next day it developed into a white head. Its still camping there on my chin...feeling right at home it is!!! Its not sore or anything but its an
  5. So here is the report on weeks 7 & 8! I hit the 2 month mark yesterday! Hard to think I still have 4 whole months to go!!! Face Amazing!!! to quote one of my friends," your face is improving rapidly!" Lots of those kinds of comments! the general texture of my face has improved by about 80%!!!its incredible! Of course i still have some big ones that pop out on the regular but they seems to go as quickly as they come! for example, i had a big white head one my right cheek yesterday but
  6. Hi there, So i have combined week 5 & 6 together! PROGRESS: Generally, its good news all round. I have had a few comments here and there from friends about how much my skin has cleared up. I noticed too but didnt wanna jinx the progress. But yes there is a definate difference. In week 5 i still have huge white heads on my cheeks but the concentration and area of inflammation had significantly decreased! The right side of my face especially! In week 6 there was a cluster of large w
  7. Thanks for being there when i was super low! bepanthen may just be my saviour! :) my latest post mentions you! ;)

    1. thanks a bunch for tip about the vaseline! i was so low then! so thanks a bunch! my lastest post give you credit
    2. I have survived the 1st month! (just! ) So yesterday I finished my first batch of oratane and hit the 30 day mark! elation and jubilation! MY FACE DAY 28- 30: I observed a marked improvement in my skin suddenly. I woke up on day 28 and the huge white heads from the day before had shrunk hugely! (except for one that remained angry and red with a white "cherry" on top) After steaming my face I ended up up just gently popping it. (only one i have done that to so far! This general impr
    3. 24 TODAY! something to celebrate and be excited about! the day i was born! so today i am gonna keep my head up! pimply face and peeling, lips and all! God gave me life and that fact in itself makes me beautiful!
    4. Really happy for you!!! 3 months in and you are dancing for joy!!!!
    5. thanks a buch, i will definately give it a go! coz at this stage i am quite desperate! all i can think of is, if my lips are doing this now, less than a month into it, how about at 4 months! or at the end of my treatment!!! ;( i want clear skin, but dnt want it to be a trade off for another face issue ! Thanks again for the tip!
    6. My lips are peeling and dry and this morning i woke up with lots of litle red bumps on them!!! what is going on! how can I stop this. the Blistex seems to be failing me! i dont want to leave my room!
    7. Wow! 59 days and nothing! you seem to be so patient. I wish i could have that. The thought of no improvement after 60days makes me feel a little sad. Today is day 26 and i dnt see anyting except the addition of 3 white heads!!! i want the IB period to just end! i can handle no improvement but seeing new addiotion everyday is hard!I am on 40mg/day. You? Sometimes I feel like i want it to be hire but im already suffering with the side effects so i dont want them to get worse!