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    relazied im on week two of accutaneFeels like forever until its going to get betteri pretty much hate the way i look and want to just wear a giant sock over my head todaypeople have been notcing my skins dryness and its starting to really get to meaccutane hurrrrrrrrrrrrry uppppppppppppppppp:(((
  2. heeey! yes ive had this happen but all over my face, i am on accutane and it almost falls off in flakes and it is really embaressing. But use moisturizers that have no oil in them so it helps prevent most of the flaking, but time will do the trick apparently
  3. hey girl,i feel your pain im going through mostly the same thing, i have never had perfect skin but i taught myself to deal with it. but recently ive really had bad breakouts now that im on a new medcine and its like a kick to the stomach. I just want to be beautiful too and i wish this process went faster. It feels impossible somethimes but i bet there are tons of boys that think your amazingly beautiful. Hold your head up high cuz its going to be worth it
  4. To anyone who has stumbled upon my blog, I recently have started using acutane. I have never ever had clear skin and im prayingggg to God this stuff works, I've been on it for about a week and i have broke out like never before. I feel so bad about my apparence that I dont want to get up to go to school. It all over my chin and it hurts to smile and laugh I am so dedicated to getting my skin better if anyone has any little house hold remedies PLEASE comment and let me