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  1. hi everyone, im currently on my 11th week of accutane. i did 2months on 10mg perday and the last 3 weeks im on 20mg perday. i started off with moderate acne. the main problem that is confusing me is how much my skin fluctuates... first couple of weeks i cleared up then i experienced the dreaded IB and that lasted for about 2 weeks. i think it was on my 8th week that i started to actually clear up. and it was going really well for about 3 weeks, i was still getting spots but very few (mainly un
  2. i've just uypped my from 10 to 20mg perday. im on week 6 and still breaking out:( hopefully it stops soon...
  3. Hi everyone, ok heres my situation, im 19 y.o male, living in england and i have mild/moderate acne. i have been on accutane 20mg every 2 days for the past 5 weeks. and heres how its gone so far.. for the first 2 weeks my lips started to get fairly dry but aftre the 2 weeks i got used to it and there were virtually no side effects which was brilliant!. week 3 and 4 went amazing!my skin cleared up amazingly with just a couple faint blemish's but then week 5 came! i broke out quite bad on both c
  4. hi, glad to hear its working well for everyone and its convinced me:) but can some1 pleeeeeease send me a link to the oil of olay day/night moisturiser? they have loads and i dont want to get the wrong one :/ wud appreciate a quick response...im on day 3 of bp 2.5 and neeeeeeed a moisturiser today!! also im guesing this stuff is non-oil and non-comedogenic?
  5. If you have 10mg tablets take one everyday. If you only have 20mg tablets take one every second day. Probably minimal or no difference. ok thanks jimmy:)
  6. hi i have mild acne with fairly oily skin, i just started using bp 2.5%(panoxyl aquagel) and i was looking for a good moisturiser which WONT MAKE ME BREAKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway im now interested in TINTED moisturisers to help cove some small blemishes that will go well with my bp. my questions: 1) is it a good idea to look for a tinted moisturiser or will it make me breakout?(or is it the same chance as other moisturisers which are for acne?) 2)can some1 please recommend a tinted m
  7. nikolas92

    clears up acne fast! think it leaves ur skin much less oily VERY cheap dry skin (not too bad) little irritating to skin little redness on face (not too bad) i've only used it for 1 week but i can already see improvements!!! i tried alot of products but this seems to be the best SO FAR. TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! the side effects are minimal and well worth it
  8. 65 views..any chance one of u can help me out with my question?)
  9. im about to start low dose accutane (20mg every otehr day) i have mild/moderate acne. my question is, is it ok to take protein shakes whilst on accutane or even just with acne? will it make it worse or it will have no effect what so ever?
  10. hi flem85 thanks for the good infomation! one last question i really need to know, is taking 10mg per day the same as taking 20mg every other day? will it be EXACTLY the same benefits and side effects? if not which 1 is better to do? i wud prefer the 20mg every other day but will do which ever will work the best.. thanks!!!!! so the dry lips /face just bothers the individual?? doesnt really look too bad if moisturised well? if so thats really good news xD
  11. its good to hear and ecouraging that its worked so well for every1 anyway i was wondering, is taking 10mg per day the same as taking 20mg every other day? they have the same side effects and results and everything? please i need a qucik reply if possible!
  12. can some1 pleeeeeeease answer kind of need the info !! thanks
  13. hi, everyone my derm put me on accutane 10mg per day and will not go above 20mg throughout my treatment. i have mild/moderate acne. i was wondering since i was put on very low dose (my suggestion due to paranoia) will the side effects be minimal? im mostly refering to IB and dry skin (espesially lips!) and something i've wnted to know for a while is is the dry lips (and face) noticable by others(if so how noticable?) and if i apply moisuriser and lip balm does it make it much less noticable?
  14. i wouldn't suggest taking 'catch up' pills. i missed 2 weeks worth of accutane doses because of insurance issues since none of the insurance companies available to me wanted to cover it! i had eczema on the backs of my hands during my course of accutane. my lips were dry and peeling. my contact lenses were really bothersome so for the most of my course i just kept my glasses on. sometimes my joints would feel very achy and tight. i noticed a drastic difference with my overall skin tone and the d