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  1. Excellent! Thanks, hiddenspirit et al. Sounds like gaining and sharing is key to our community.
  2. MG2011

    Day 19 and 20

    yesterday and today, i've had a lot (more than usual) on my mind, so not feeling my best. nonetheless, i had two cups of green tea each day. I developed some small acne clusters under my ears. why these are the most annoying, i swear. also, i have mild bacne, and throughout this entire experiment, it has not subsided. i guess i'm just being a poopy diaper.
  3. Hi rbr, How's the regimen working for you a month later?..
  4. wow. i'm glad i found this. i've been doing a "sans" coffee experiment for about 20 days now, and i have not had any breakouts on my chin. Come to think of it, while i do have scarring on there from earlier breakouts (not sure what caused those), the main area for my breakouts recently has been on the skin just below and alongside my ears. so annoying, because that area is very tempting to pick! My "sans" coffee experiment does not omit caffeine, in fact i should have tagged it as a "switch fro
  5. I was just reading this on Science Daily I guess I need to get caught up on the light/laser methods. I, personally, would probably have a professional do it, but I know that's got to be ridiculously expensive.
  6. Looks like this kid got photodynamic theraphy before trying anything else substantial: ABC News it sounds like a really odd procedure--laser on active acne. maybe i'm just ignorant.
  7. I just wanted to reiterate how great your responses were again. An infomercial plugged by a celebrity is not valuable, nor is a family/friend (w/o acne) giving you skin tips. Here, we find people like us, and even if we can't see them, other than those who post photos, our experiences are familiar.
  8. MG2011

    Day 18

    10:10pm--had 3 cups of green tea! yippee My skin still looks the same! I'm beginning to think it doesn't really matter what you drink--coffee or tea--besides water to get good skin.
  9. MG2011

    MG2011 blog-related album

    pics from my 30 day "sans coffee" experiment...
  10. MG2011

    Day 17

    6:45pm--had two cups of green tea, and feel okay. I have a bit of a headache now but i think it's b/c of my bun! noactive acne, but skin is just really greasy! Although, according to some articles, this could be more related to stress. I don't feel more stressed because I swictehd from coffee to tea--but I do feel stressed by plenty of other things. each time i've taken a "stress test" in a class, i tend to score in the high #s.
  11. I get physically sick a little more as I get older--but when I was in my teens and 20s, I rarely got sick. I got the flu once, food poisoning once, sometimes a few migraines. My allergies only kick in in certain climates. But I think this is all normal though.
  12. MG2011

    Day 16

    11:36pm--3 cups of green tea today, and I feel like me skin looks exactly the same! I've been good about not having coffee. Tomorrow's supposed to be warm in these parts, and I always crave an iced coffee for about 5 minutes, but then the craving goes away. I feel like I'm rambling on; I'm tired.
  13. Hi Everyone, I posted a couple of pics related to my blog. The pics can be found via: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...amp;album=11620 These are real, unaltered pics, but they are so small because they were taken on my camera phone--the only "camera" I've got! The hilarious thing is have have these two moles on my left cheek and a scar underneath makes it look like a happy face or something. lol My scarring is namely on my cheeks. The funny thing about acne and scars is that you w
  14. MG2011

    Day 14 and 15

    Day 14--had one cup of green tea but that didn't seem to cut it in terms of my alertness. I was feeling under the weather because of allergies and congestion. Skin is looking okay, though I've noticed when I'm sick, my skin tends to look better ironically! Day 15--9:20am, had one cup of green tea so far, though it looks like it's gonna be a long day!... :/
  15. You all are great. Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback. Having hope, helping one another, being honest, seeing our obsessions--these are all great.