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  1. I'm a 15 year old girl with dry, sensitive skin who has struggled with bacne on and off for a little over 2 years. I never had an issue with facial acne, just one spot here or there, so my bacne really confused me. Im guessing you guys can only imagine how difficult it is to go through high school, which is full ofjudgement, especially as a girl when we are already body conscious, with bacne During 8th grade, I had what people refer to as winter bacne: basically a mild case of bacne that clear
  2. Actually there is a page for the AHA/Body Acne Regimen on what to expect. Follow this link and scroll down and click on the link (what to expect) http://www.acne.org/back-acne-regimen-light-moderate.html Basically I have also been following this regimen and although I am using a different AHA lotion, I can still tell you how it has been working. I started with moderate back acne and I can definitely say after 3 weeks of use that I have seen a good improvement and I am hoping to be fully c
  3. should I be showering 2 times a day? I tried that out (before I got the aha) for about 2 months around march and it didn't seem to make a difference Currently I am showering at night and applying aha morning and night to my back as well as dalacin-t (clindamycin) before the aha at night only. Any advice?
  4. Basically I'm a girl, 15, mild (reduced from moderate!!!!) bacne mainly on shoulders ( none on lower back or center of back) and I'm on week 2 of using dan's body regimen for mild- moderate. I have seen good improvement and I am hoping to be clear in another 2 weeks or so (I'm on day 12) So summer is here and I am going to be needing to wear sunscreen on my body, especially with the aha. Most sunscreens are very greasy and I need one that will not exacerbate/cause acne on my back or anywhere el
  5. sorry not sure I was clear - I am wanting feedback/timeline for the BODY ACNE REGIMEN with aha not the face regimen with bp
  6. Hi, I'm a 15 year old girl currently using Dan's bacne regimen for mild-moderate and I want to know how long it took/has taken/is taking you to see results and clear up bacne. I have it mild-moderate (mostly on my shoulders - 5 larger inflamed pimples with a few dozen very small red marks) and I have tried many treatments and was hoping for some kind of a timeline on this one I am pretty confident it will work - I have been using it for a week so far and I have seen pretty good progress. I am
  7. Not sure what your style is, but if you are willing to do something a little more casual I would go for one of the super cute boho looking maxi dresses like this: http://www.highheelconfidential.com/wp-con...-maxi-dress.jpg There are lots in that type of style with little loose fluttery shoulders that will cover that scarring and i have also seen many that don't have as wide an opening in the front but plunge a little more (so you can still look sexy with your back and most of your chest cover
  8. Basically I am hoping for some kind of improvement in 10 days although I know obviously that it's not possible to clear it completely in that period of time. I am hoping however for it to clear up enough in a few weeks since I am going on vacation in New York and I want to be able to wear tanks and dresses without cardigans as it is supposed to be HOT I will likely be applying some kind of concealer for the show but I'm not sure yet as on the very rare occasions I've had to show my back (dance
  9. me too I have a few dozen tiny pigmented red-brown dots on my upper back (grrr hate bacne) and when I look in the mirror in my bathroom they don't look so bad, but when I look in the mirror in natural light/sunlight they look SO BAD and I feel like shit can't help that I'm a highschool girl and appearances are about as crucial as they could get right now any chance you can answer mine? I'm kind of desperate.. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Reversa-g...18#entry3096618
  11. Hi I want to try an AHA product for my moderate bacne (I'm 15, female) but since I live in Canada we don't have Alpha Hydrox and my mom doesn't want me to order AHA+ online Has anyone tried the Reversa products? I am interested in either the 10% glycolic acid body lotion or the 8% glycolic acid solution for oily/acne-prone skin. *** Bonus! Also I have a dance show in 10 days where I will be wearing a back exposing halter top on stage ( Any tips on reducing the redness of the marks/covering t
  12. I'm actually pretty sure that Head and Shoulders CAUSED my bacne in the first place I know I am prone to it (unlike some people who can do whatever and put greasy sunscreen on their back and never have a problem) but I have been thinking about what factors changed since I got bacne in november-december and this shampoo was one of them. I've tried tons of treatments (I'm 15, female and in grade 9 btw) and I am finally closer to being clear. I won't say this a miracle cure and I'm not clear yet
  13. do you mean pitted scars or PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) There's nothing besides surgery you can do about the first kind, but for the second (kind of like smooth brown-red marks) I have a home treatment that has helped a lot with mine and with preventing breakouts. Moisturizing Sugar Scrub: 1. Combine 2 parts pure (or organic) honey, 1/2-1 part olive oil, and enough sugar to make a paste. (you want it pretty thick but so all the sugar is wet) 2. Add a few drops lemon juice 3. Cle
  14. bacnefree123

    - was clearing up larger spots on back and fading smaller spots - induced severe diarrhea and some vomiting even with only prescribed dosage used (thin layer applied once per day) I'm 15, had this prescribed by dermatologist (dalacin-t liquid solution) and used this product for 4 days and was seeing a pleasant improvement in my back acne. This morning I woke up with severe diarrhea and I vomited twice - induced by clindamycin. I guess it works for some people but be careful because t
  15. Please help me! I'm 15, a girl, mild-moderate bacne for 2 years. My dermatologist prescribed a topical clindamycin solution (dalacin-t liquid, 1% clindamycin) and I have been using it for 4 days with some improvement in my back. The larger pimples are reduced and the small spots have begun to fade. This morning I woke up extremely ill with severe diarrhea and I vomited once. I am feeling better as the day continues and the diarrhea is reducing but still there. I know it is not food poisoning