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  1. So, Fish oil daily and zinc oxide treatment along with the regimen. pics will hopefully show less inflammation with the treatments. c
  2. Dear Acne.com Community I will relive my last year being a sophomore/junior in college in a stressful year. I average about 6 active acne sites that still bother me. For the longest time i did nothing other than the regimen and washing my face twice daily as a baseline. It was clear after trying this for 3 months that ONLY the regimen would not work for me. I have tried eliminating some food groups from my diet, exactly what my blog says in not doing, and have not found better or worse
  3. cconn4321

    Acne Again

    RUN!! It does wonderes. or find a frisbee and go throw. the hippies had something right when they took this up! good luck as i am going into the medical field as well. Meditation is awesome as well.
  4. Whats up bloggers? THis is my long lost revival of such a dead thread it is rediculous. Over the time, i have transfered to my college and doing the dorm life and have had great success. Pretty much everything in my previous blogs are out. Very simply. I am doing four things: 1) Multivitamin 2) Fish oil (2x): only omega three, not the combined 3) FOLLOWING THE REGIMEN TO THE T! well not super anal about it, but about 90 percent of the time it happens. I will speak about this later.
  5. Just follow the regimen!!! Goodness I have messed around thinking that i can just get over the top. As follows, I do my vitamins outlined in previous posts, BP treatment morning and night, sometimes do zinc oxide sunscreen, and use jojoba oil as my moisturizer when my face gets dry. My last addition that helped me out is LEMON JUICE AND WATER. one glass at the end of the night does wonders. Take a peek at the research on body pH, and this could be the secret for me. I am healing faster and
  6. So, I have decided to keep my updated vitamin, but revert back to my original routine. It is as follows: Cetiphil, BP, maybe some jojoba oil..., and zinc oxcide sunscreen. I will keep this up 2x day (no sunscreen at night) for two weeks. hoping for the best. I have been acne free, but having acne after that just sucks.
  7. nice! keep it up. jojoba oil really helped. also, documenting is by far the best stress reliever and keeps you focused on the goal. If you could, try and write more often about your acne. It helped me tremendously
  8. Long Update: Hey all of you. there are probably a new round of desperate people with acne trying to find something that works for them. if that is you, keep reading. to all of those who remember my blog, this is an update for about a month and a half. So, pretty much everything has changed for me. My long litany of vitamins actually cause me to have TOO much vitamins in my body, and it took me about 4 weeks to realize this might be the case. Since i was taking lots of lipid soluble vitamin
  9. okay, 100 percent better than a week previously. I have three healing zits, and NO, i repeat, NO new acne to speak of! This is incredible! Not quite sure whats doing this, but I am going to keep it up. For anyone out there struggling to go from good to great, I suggest pulling something from my regimin. As on outline of all that I am doing to fight my acne: VITAMINS: fish oil, vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin e, calcium/magnesium/zinc pill, garlic oil, and milk thistle Was with
  10. cconn4321

    cheap, easy, tastes great, getting bodies ph back in sync harsh on teeth I am now more and more a believer that acne is derived from how much we have deviated from our ancestral path. In the western diet, many things cause individuals to go acidotic, believed to be a contributor to acne. By bringing your bodies ph back in line, your body can then begin to fix itself. Big advocate. Some great reviews detailing how acidic metabolizes to go alkalitic.
  11. Hey all, I think i have found something that works for my skin.. for now at least. I have been washing my face, putting on jojoba oil after dry, then putting on dans BP and then finally the clear zinc oxide sunscreen. Have been doing this for about a week, but this order seems to work well. tons less red and only one new zit to speak of! I have also been drinking two glasses a day of lemon juice and water, morning and evening, and this might be helping. Still on my vitamin regimen, th
  12. After doing zinc and drinking lemon juice/ acv for a couple of days, didn't see very much improvement. When i added jojoba oil and zinc, well that made a hell of a difference to healing acne. Not quite sure why, but jojoba and zinc oxide worked quite well to heal bad red spots. I am not sure, however, the effectiveness of preventing acne. But, this helped me dramatically. Maybe its only once in a while that you can do this. Not quite sure. There are so many variables! Just thought you would
  13. Hey! I came across some interesting stuff. I knew zinc dramatically improved my acne when taking orally, so i though if it could be applied topically as well. Luckily, my brother is a lifeguard and has a ton of ZINC OXIDE sun screen! I looked some stuff up and there might be a coralation between zinc oxide and acne prevention/fading red marks. I am going to use it in place of my heavy cetaphil cream i put on. Hopefully this and/or the ACV and lemon water will work. Best of luck. I will re
  14. Back for an update. I now have a small amount of outbreaks on my skin at all times, and it is very frustrating because i eat well, exercise regularly, and are taking my vitamins everyday like clockwork. I believe my lst and final step will be to embrace the pH discrepancy of my body... Doing a little poking around, there is a lot of information linking body pH and acne. one site that list foods is I wont go into details, but it is worth a shot. Doing ACV, an acid, actually triggers me
  15. Hey to all of you out there, I have some picutres to prove that my skin is doing well. I have a few spots of acne due to the fact that i tried to go a couple of days without BP to see what would happen.. not good. However, my acne is so much better and I hope you will take my advice and try what i have done. My pics are from my macbook and not too quality, but you get the picture. My album is public, so feel free to check it out. I dont know why, but this site will not let me post a web sit