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  1. I think it helps with the skin inflammation. I have been doing this for two weeks but without the warm shower at the beginning, still not sure if it helps. Maybe I should try it your way.
  2. Hi Melie, I had heard of apple cider vinegar, it is kind of hard to find it here though, however I'm going to do a thorough search and maybe I can get some. Anyways I hope it works for you. In the meantime I'm going to try H&S. Btw Bactrim is a good antibiotic I saw results in just one week, and my skin was so smooth in two weeks, unfortunately acne came back when I stopped taking it, it has draw my attention that you haven't noticed any improvement, although you should give it more time.
  3. I'm a 26 years old male, I have been suffering of bacne for 6 years, also I have acne on my chest and some on my arms, I have tried several antibiotics and several treatments, like isotretinoin aka accutane (I couldn't stand the side effects), antibiotics (Clindamycin, Erythromycin, tetracyclines), Benzoyl peroxide, topical retinoids, salicylic acid, azelaic acid. Well the only thing that actually works for me is bactrim, I used it for a year and when I stopped the acne just came back. However I
  4. I will try this, I think I'm done with antibiotics they just messed up my digestive system. Can you mention what other supplements do you use?
  5. I have been using sulfur soap for 4 months, and let me tell you it really helps with the acne, but I think it's just a way to control it, besides the dry skin it doesn't have major side effects. Well I'm still trying to find what triggers my acne....
  6. With Bactrim you should results in one or two weeks, I've been using bactrim for 6 months and it has showed good results, even though I have had some digestive problems occasionally