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  1. when (as a guy) your amount of skincare products and routine is much more copious/complex than the prettiest of girls
  2. okay so the past 2-3 days my skin has been super flaky! my skin is normally very oily so this is quite a shock i think it started when i applied too much retin-a one night and in the morning it was flaky but past 2 days i have not used medication - just cetaphil gentle cleanser and olay complete sensive skin moisturizer can anyone recommend ways to get rid of the flakiness? should i exfoliate? i will try to take a short not hot shower tonight can anyone recommend a good nighttime m
  3. ive been on .025% for a few months with 1 tube left and thinking of swtiching to .05% once that tube is out (1 month maybe) any1 here see significant cahnges between the 2? in terms of effectiveness and also side effects the only side effects i see with .025% is some flaking after showers, which im okay with.
  4. be patient , may take 2-3months to see results
  5. unfortunately dark bornw spots just seem forever to fade, ive tried AHA, BHA, mechanical exfoliatiants and now retin-a but brown spots still last quite a long time >< do u use spf?
  6. hey great thread do u know if its ok to pair clindamycin + retin-a at night? reason i ask is the clin gel makes my face shiny so i prefer not to use it in the morning
  7. hi all so my doctor just prescirbed me clindamycin along with my retin-a i been using for a few months. years ago, i used both erthomycin and retin-a at the same time at night (ertho first then retin-a) just wondering if its ok to use both at night? I askd him and he said to use the clindamycin in morning and retin-a at night, but i am not a big fan of using product in the morning due to irratation and flakiness, i just like to cleasne-moisturize thoughts?
  8. i am in the EXACT situation as u super oily skin sebaceous filaments in nose and cheek area (no blackheads to my knowledge) retin-a did nothing to help with these mild-moderate acne u been on retin-a for years? i suggest tryin somthing diff about 3 years ago i had worse acne and went on retin-a,doxycycline, and erthomycin and it cleared me up pretty good. my acne started again so ive been on reitn-a for about 9 weeks now... i rlly hope it starts to do its true work because my skin hasnt imp
  9. mine look almost identical to that, those are sebaceous nothing comes out when u squeese ur nose rite? they just get a bit larger and kinda grow like hairs i cant get rid of em no matter what
  10. ive been using AHA for 1 year + and havent noticed big diff on pore size/sebaceous so now im switching to BHA LOL, opposite of u
  11. Heres some background: acne worst 3 yrs ago, pretty cystic 2 yrs ago, it was moderate thankfully past 2 years its been mild, 1-2 pimples a month which i dont mind (hence why im not on regimen nemore) however here is what pissing me off: 1 week ago it was finals + awful diet caused me to get 3 pimples in a week and i realized: even tho i ocassionaly get pimples, the PIH they leave behind lasts many months! so my skin is "clear" 90% of the time, but not really cuz of all the marks, and it seems