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  1. morgan.anne

    Great cleanser - you can feel it working! Did eliminate some of my redness A little goes a long way Didn't 100% treat my acne
  2. Hi guys! I'm currently using Clinique Acne Solutions bar soap in the morning and have been for a good 3 years. It definitely has cleared my skin. However, I'm trying to swich to a gentler cleanser, like Cetaphil or CeraVe because I just think it's time and I'm also almost done my bar. I'm just asking you guys for some feedback: how did you effectively switch cleansers without breaking out that bad?
  3. morgan.anne

    -PERFECT for dry skin! -lightweight -smoother skin none! this is seriously the best lotion for your face. I used to use Cetaphil for me face, which is another awesome moisturizer, but it was really heavy on my face. CeraVe is so lightweight and even perfect for people who have acne, like me.
  4. morgan.anne

    -most of my acne cleared -smoother skin -decreased amount of blackheads -little pricey I guess, but worth the money! -can dry out your face a little...cera ve worked the best for me when that happened -don't think this will clear up scaring, because it doesn't. I'm telling you, get the bar soap rather then the cleanser in the bottle! it's the same thing, but the bottle is more expensive then the bar soap! The whole Acne Solutions Step Kit (minus the lotion) is awes